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Found 4 results

  1. hello fellow people of the internet, i was wondering if any of you have encountered the same problem/symptoms as i have. i was on my way to a family birthday party on my dnepr k750, when the bike suddenly died on me, so i tried to turn the engine over, but the kickstarter didn't turn the engine over, but it did move and sounded like it always did from the gearbox, but it felt like, that the clutch didn't "grip" the enige, but more like 2 brake shoes was being pressed agains the clutch, much like a bicycle front wheel when you pull the brake on one of those, i even loosened the clutch cable and the gear shifter clutch screw thingy, just to be sure, that it wasn't any of those being problematic. But when i pulled the clutch, the kickstarter could move freely without any problems, i didn't hear any strange sounds or any different behavires from the motor, until it out of the blue died on my :/ but since i won't have time to get to work on it, for the next week, i thought that maybe some of you can tell me, if it is just the clutch that needs to be changed, or if any of you might know, if it can be something more then just that
  2. Hi First of all I''d like to apologize for my idiot question, I'm new to dnepr's . You can see at the bottom of the clutch actuator that theres a hole with a thread in the middle and opposite that hole is another hole in he end of the transmission. Unfortnuately I havn't been able to find any other information on this but I assume that I am missing a part , maybe just a small bolt and that's why the clutch won't disengage. I hope someone can give me some insight into this problem. Thanks.
  3. I am unsatisfied with the way the clutch adjusts on my Patrol. To make the clutch disengage completely you cannot permit any free play in the cable and if free play is allowed so as to remove pressure from the clutch pushrod the clutch drags increasing the gear change 'clunk'. My previous experience with german and english bikes says that not allowing free play in the clutch mechanism when the clutch is engaged is the first step to burning up the clutch by encouraging slippage. My assessment of the situation is that the lever travel is marginally insufficient to allow free play take-up and full clutch disengagement when the lever is pulled to the bar. Hence, the simplest fix would be to replace the lever with one that offers more cable travel. What is the experience/solution(s) others have used to correct this problem?
  4. Dear All, I am rebuilding an MT11 and have hit a problem. It came with a non standard clutch cable and I wish to install the origional, which I have bought. However when I installed it I noticed there is no tension on the cable so obviously the clutch does not engage.disengage. Can anyone please send me a pic of how the clutch cable attaches to the motor or frame? It seems that there must be some tensioner there. Thanks
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