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Found 2 results

  1. hey guys, I have had some troubles with my carburetors the last couple of months. When ever I have been out and riding for more then lets say 15-20min. the spark plugs always turns sooty, like totally charcoal black, I have changed the main jet from a 200 to a 150, but the soot still occurs on the spark plugs on both cylinders, they are dry and totally black. I have tried with the needle bottomed out, but this only gives me around 5 more minuts or normal driving. I just feel like, no matter what I do, I just can't get my old k750 to run well again. Do I just have to buy a whole new sets of carbs, or is there anything I can do with my other 2 sets of carbs, to get this old lady up and running well again, or is it something completely different that I have overlooked? what I have tried until now, to fix the issue: - change the jet to a smaller size (the smallest i got) - cleaned the air filter. - no air filter - cleaned the carbs and jets. - installed new floats and float needle. - installed a gas filter. - tried new spark plugs. - changed the gas hose to the carbs. - tried changing the carbs for either of the 2 other Pairs I got, but I couldn't get it to run at all then. (useful info if needed) Bike: KMZ K750 1963 (sidevalve, 6v) installed at the moment: spark plugs: NGK BP7HS K-302 main jet: 150 idle jet: 04 ? needle hight: second from the top. mixture screw: 1.5 turns out. ---------------my other 2 pairs of carbs:--------------- PZ28D (28mm) (PL10 stamped on the front?) main jet: 92 needle hight: - slide hole 2 (top hole) - needle hole 2 ( second hole from the top) --------------------------------------------------- K-37 (24mm) main jet: 150 (no needle at the moment, just slide, I used the needle from the PZ28D)
  2. My Ural is a 2008 Tourist, It was the demo for the dealer that is long gone. It has never run correctly and I always suspected a clogged pilot jet on the side I had to keep the enrichener pulled on. CVK carbs. Is there anywhere there is a jet listing for what it is suppose to have for main, pilot jets and is the needle position from the factory like most CV carbs in the middle? Yes, the pilot jet was completely plugged, the dealer had screwed the idle screw until the butterfly was partially open to compensate for that. I pulled that carb and could not unclog the jet like it had a broken wire in it (tip cleaner for a torch) my Indy had a 42 pilot jet but it was used so I don't know if the bore is correct. What I want to do is order new jets, and needles for both and rebuild both carbs. It's very frustrating as I got the new (used) pilot jet and turned the idle screw back to have the butterfly closed. Start the bike and it "runs away" on that cyl. I don't know if he monkeyed with the vacuum lines to the carbs or what. So if I knew what was factory jetting and needles I should be able to get it to a point where if it is a vacuum issue, I can solve that. Any help here is appreciated. I seldom ride it as the plates and insurance are a bit much, but do need to get it to saleable condition.
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