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Found 10 results

  1. Hello, I'm part way through a rebuild of a 1999 Ural 650 Tourist. This was supposed to be a 'quick fix' (don't laugh) but has ended up being a full tear down and rebuild. I'm in need of a few parts. Black tank (any style): Current tank is rusty inside and I've run out of the desire to pour vinegar, CLR, acid, sheet metal screws, etc. into it. I got it almost clean and it rusted again. Flywheel with teeth: Flywheel was already a bit chewed on, but functioning and then I went and over did it. Starter works as it should but I believe doesn't engage fully due to wear on the teeth. Bike kick starts, but I'd like the option to tuck it away and when I next pull the engine swap it out. *No longer need alternator* Thanks for any replies!
  2. Ok, why does the Dnepr MT16 alternator blow up? If it's the bearings, I'll replace mine this winter, and will show how it's done, or rather, how I do it.
  3. Okay I accept the role of the guinea pig for the forum... Since someone have to be first. See other thread... http://www.russianir...showtopic=15353 I have decided to buy the new made Polish 12v alternator for my M72. But since I don't know very much about electricity I have to know and try to understand some things first... First, my old "new" 6v G-414 have two terminals, the new 12v one have three... The G-414 that I bought from Ukraine. The new 12v one that I going to buy and test... Whats with the three vs two terminals...???
  4. Found a new-made Polish 12v-100w alternator (price includes a 12v regulator) on Ebay by a company called Fa. J.Tomaszewski... ------> Click to go to E-bay //P
  5. Just found this at Oldtimers Garage... Says it replaces G-11 and that would include G-414... Have anyone tested it? http://www.oldtimergarage.eu/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=4214
  6. Found this company when I was 6v-12v surfing the net. Has anyone any experience with these guys or know anything about their reputation? http://www.dynamoreg...onversions.com/
  7. Just found this at Oldtimers Garage... Says it replaces G-11 and that would include G-414... Have anyone tested it? http://www.oldtimerg...48cd3a75f520105
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