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  1. Just bought this bike from a late friend's family. I love it, but I have idea what year or model it might be. i'm pretty sure it's a early 70's, but I'm not sure. Tires say "Made in USSR" and lights have "CCCP" stamped. Can I determine the year from the frame number or engine number? I'm hoping the experts here can help. Thanks, and I'm thrilled to own a old school Ural.
  2. After five years, its time to part with my baby. Up for sale is my '57 IMZ (Ural) M72. This bike was purchased and rebuilt in Uzbekistan during my tour there in 2013-14. For the most part, all parts were NOS from Soviet times with the exception of a few odds and ins from "oldtimersgarage" and seats, carbs and pipes from Ben at "sidecar pro." We scoured the bazaars and junk yards in Uzbekistan and found most things still in the box from Soviet times. The whole build was documented with photos, and really a great experience. The bike sat in Bishkek Kyrgyzstan for over a year while I was in Pakistan, and was imported to VA this spring. It is fully customs cleared and registered in VA. I also have the tech passport and bill of sale in Russian from Uzbekistan, as well as the original Uzbek license plate. The bike was meticulously rebuilt, with some unique additions like the use of cabling from an armored Suburban to keep the wiring neat and clean and a fast-clip release for the wiring to the side car. During the move, the shipping container rubbed a spot on the headlamp and on the front forks, but just cosmetic scratches. There is some surface rust starting to form on some of the bolts on the sidecar, and around the gas tank cap. On my last ride my relay box crapped out, and I'm in the process of replacing that now. Estimated delivery 13 August from Ukraine. Other than that it runs fine, and is still in the break-in period with only 214 km on the odometer since it was rebuilt. After sitting, its in need of a tune up and a carb cleaning. Had a gas drip from the left carb when I rode last, so not sure if the float is stuck. It really is a very unique ride that turns a lot of heads. So why am I selling?!? We're heading back overseas and it will just sit in storage until we get back to the states. Its about 360 kilos, so takes up too much of our weight, so the col. (my wife) won't let me take it with. Besides, I don't have the tools or time to tinker with it and keep it running like a champ. She needs a good home, and this will make room for our next project!
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