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Found 2 results

  1. Does this saddle make my butt look big? I've got a 2000 RAM Dnepr, which since buying earlier this summer has been a wild hoot. However, there's one problem for longer rides: I'm 6'4", and the bike's bench seat is set too short for me to sit the front, and just a tad too far back to sit as if I were a passenger. So I sit pretty much on top of the hump. So I was thinking to myself, since I never will have a rear passenger, why not put a tractor seat on it. Sounds great, but the standard tractor seat doesn't sit any further back. Anyone have any ideas on how to offset the seat back a little ways? For that matter, does anyone have an idea where to get a tractor seat to start out with?
  2. I have a black bench seat that I had customized to be flat. It came out great but I'm a big guy (6'3") and think the Solo seat may suit me better. Trade would be great but not mandatory. As a side note.... I think I'll have to raise the handle bars too. emails best longboard132@yahoo.com
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