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Found 4 results

  1. 198? Dnepr MT-16 650, nothing but trouble. Bought it in pieces, put it back together these last 3 months. Got good compression, but... Installed new russian electronic ignition, poor spark. Suspect bad hall sensor. Replaced it with original points/condenser/coil, got good spark at new NGK plugs, still won't start. Rebuilt Pekar K-68's, found nothing wrong, no start. Occasional pop or backfire. Tried starter fluid, squirting gas right into the intakes, nothing. Adjusted the points and timing to every possible setting. It's 65 degrees here, but I tried the chokes anyway. Voila!! Started and actually ran... ...for 10 minutes! Died, would not restart. Checked spark at plugs just to be sure, gone again. Tested old coil, it's bad. Jury-rigged a Bosch 12v coil, strapped it to the sidecar strut, wired it in, got good spark (again) at the plugs. But it will not freakin' start. Gas to the carbs is good, I used Tygon clear fuel line and clear filters, I can see the fuel flowing down. Tickle the carbs until gas dribbles out, pull the chokes, crank until my leg is sore, it'll pop once in a while but no start. Checked points and timing, still good. Tried starter fluid and gas squirted again, nothing. Pull the plugs, they're bone dry, so it's not flooded. I'm beyond fed up. Unless someone out there has ANY good idea, I'm going to shove this P.O.S. off behind the barn and forget about it for awhile before I lose what little is left of my patience. Sorry for the long rant, had to vent. Thanks guys. Paul R.
  2. Converted my Dnepr MT-16 to a Russian electronic ignition, can't get it to start. If I spin the cup-shaped rotor by hand (with the center bolt and drive washer removed) I get great spark at the plugs every time, but if it's bolted to the camshaft and I use the kickstart, nothing. Or at best, one weak spark every 4th or 5th kick If I spin the rotor fast, of twist it back and forth quick (so the steel slug passes the sensor), lotsa spark. If I twist it slower, like it would spin while kickstarting, no spark. New battery fully charged, copper core ignition wires, new NGK plugs. Clearance at the Hall sensor correctly set, but I've tried adjusting it in/out, no change. Went thru the full range of timing adjustment without effect. Considered going back to the old points/condenser unit, but dammit, I have great spark when the rotor spins faster. Bad ignition unit? It's brand new, no miles on it. Could still be bad I know, but.... Any help appreciated. Paul R.
  3. Does anyone else have the problem of loosening bolts on the MT-16 differential? I've helicoiled the threads, replaced the bolts with high strength ones, and used 3M medium locktight. They still loosen, I have to tighten them every time I go out. I just snapped off one of the original studs, and now will take the whoe thing apart and helicoil and replace those two studs too. I am about to safety drill and wire them. Thanks.
  4. Ok, why does the Dnepr MT16 alternator blow up? If it's the bearings, I'll replace mine this winter, and will show how it's done, or rather, how I do it.
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