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Found 4 results

  1. After a 3 year long full engine rebuild I'm ready to put the engine back in Svetlana (MB-650)! The only problem is: I'm not sure how to properly mount the engine on the frame... Let me be more specific, I've got the 2 engine mounting rods that mount the engine onto the frame, and I've got two bushings that came with the bike, but I'm not sure what to do with the bushings and my dumbass forgot to take note of how they came off the bike. More details: I can fit one bushing on the front rod and one bushing on the rear rod at the same time, but cannot fit both bushings onto a single rod at the same time. When I have one bushing on each rod, there is still a troubling amount of play between the engine and the frame. My question: Since I have the ability to machine new bushings of any size, could someone please tell me the optimum way to mount the engine onto the frame? Should I have it centered on the frame, all the way to one side of the frame, would it be better to take the final drive shaft into consideration and attempt to machine a set of bushings that creates the straightest line possible down that axis, or perhaps its something entirely different I haven't thought of. My apologies if this has been answered ad nauseum, but my searches for this information were fruitless. Also, thanks in advance for any help anyone can provide, and I'm wildly excited to be a part of this community again!!
  2. I thought I would share this link. I have been searching for a comprehensive guide on how to reassemble a K-750 engine. After months of reading forums, looking at photos, translating manuals, and googling I came across this guy's YouTube channel. It is amazing. I don't speak Russian, but you can just follow along his step-by-step, near real time, set of HD videos that go from tear down to reassembly. I haven't found anything like this so far for the vintage bikes and I have learned quite a bit just from watching him go through the motions. Also, YouTube has a translate function, that works poorly, but may pass on some nugget of info. Good luck. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCco5uvNxkaXjCekYE-dA6jQ
  3. Hi all I am currenly working on my first vintage bike restoration - a 1958 Ural M72 and was wondering if anyone can provide me with some information on the serial numbers etc on the bike. I have got the bike stripped down and am working my way through the bodywork getting ready for a respray. Now that I've scraped off several years of accumulated grime, grease, rust and dirt I have uncovered several numbers on the bike frame, engine and nameplate as follows. The Nameplate has several numbers (see photo below). There is the model number, M72M, and the year, 1958, Then 160995 which matches the number on the frame above the rear plunger. The next number is 175146 which matches one of the numbers on the motor. So far so good - There is also a second number on the motor, 38864 which I have no idea about and also a third number which I believe is the date of manufacture, 6 58 for June 1958. Can anyone with any knowledge of this bike please let me know if you think the tag is genuine - given the condition and the fact that the numbers all match I am assuming it is but I have heard that these are available as reproductions so I'm not 100% sure. Also if anyone has any additional info on the numbers I would be very grateful - Do the numbers signify anything other than just a unique identifier for the frame and motor and also what is the 38864 number meant to signify. I tried to translate the russian text on the tag but without a lot of luck - best I could work out with google translator is the text in front of the 160995 number is "Motorcycle". Any help greatly appreciated as I am trying to restore the bike to as close as possible to original condition and would really like to know if the motor and frame are an original match. Thanks Chris.
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