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  1. Hi All, I am brand new here, and brand new to owning a Dnepr. It was a chance purchase after my wife spotted it on Gumtree just before Xmas and suddenly decided she loved military motorcycles with sidecars! My only previous experience with bikes is road bikes and enduro bikes, which i stopped tinkering with a couple of years ago and sold. So, we now have the thing and have to find a way to register it.....I did try to do my homework on this, a prominent motorcycle/sidecar engineer claimed that as long as the bike was standard I would have no trouble and he would only need the bike for a few hours to get it sorted out paper work wise and have us registered for NSW. So we bought it. Then when we rang back to ask a few other questions about what was required before brining it to him he made mention of the side car needing to be on the LEFT of the bike, a slight problem for us as the sidecar is on the RIGHT. So, anybody got any suggestions? NSW conditional rego through a motorcycle club of some kind? I'm a pretty handy welder, trade qualified for 15 years, most of that in the offshore oil and gas sector. A complete swap of sidecar from Right to Left has been suggested by 2 engineers, either through them doing it, or coaching me through what needs to be done. But if I could get it on the road in some fashion, even for limited days per year, without the 5 minute task of completely swapping a side car from Right to Left, that would be pretty good! Thanks in advance for any help that comes my way!
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