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  1. Runs strong: 75 mph uphill, headwind, "shields up" and passenger in tub. (I did not believe it at first either. Maybe combination of tall final drive ratio in this model, a little more power in 750 cc motor and Ducati ignition at time of install.) Clean but "aesthetically distressed" i.e., normal wear and tear for age/km - ridden regularly 27,000 km and change 10,000 km and change on new 2010 motor, Nippon Denso alternator (Ukranian hand grenade did in old motor), starter (have all receipts for install). All done by Gene Langford at Holopaw Ural who heat-bends kick-starter so you get to keep it. In addition to all the lovely Deco chrome, accessories & extras include: -Tub tonneau, white -Tub and bike windshields -Law enforcement saddle -Original Deco saddle (unmounted) -Trunk-mounted luggage rack -Fourth wheel and tire w/trunk-mount fixture -Spotlights -Tank-side reverse shifter -Ural jerry-can (3 gal?) & mounting bracket, beige primer -Complete original tool kit -Owner's and service manuals (such as they are) New owner may want to pull tranny and replace bolt sticking out the back that controls & adjusts reverse-gear shifter throw (total of $1.50 in parts). It broke off along with locknut flush with the case at some point (probably when Klutzmeyer here was changing clutch cable) and has migrated outward, partially disabling reverse function, meaning I catch enough of reverse to act as parking brake, but not to back up. I have not done the job yet myself as situation has been stable 9000+km, I don't routinely drive around in reverse, all else works as it should, and I the enjoy sin of sloth. New owner will also want to get new clutch handle/lever as Kawasaki replacement (don't ask) unduly shortens life of cable. $5500 firm, given my scientific survey of current asking/selling prices. Why am I selling? Age-related orthopoedic and neurological impairments and impairment-related wishes of spouse. Buyer may give me extra years of life: if I don't get my price by summer 2020, I'll try driving it to CA as gift to nephews. But enthusiast will give it a far better home. Cheerio. Ciao. Namaste. Aloha. Salaam Malakum. God Bless. Dobroe Noche, and be sure to read your Dostoevsky - best way I know to grok The Spirit of Ural.
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