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  1. Dang.. I have read about Lois Pryce and Her Husband going from east coast to the west coast on their Patrol.. I also read about a British couple doing the Pan American trail on theirs. The new ones must be some what reliable. I am not looking for a Honda or a BMW..I am looking for an Adventure...I like simple..I was sort of thing of a Nova Scotia to Texas trip via back roads. Thanks for all the positive messages.
  2. Hello all. My name is Justin. My wife and I love to travel off road in our trusty Tacoma. I have had my eye on Urals for a while. I am new to the motorcycle world. I am looking for a unique motorcycle that is some what reliable, off road competent, and simple to work on. I have read horror stories about earlier imported Urals unreliabilities. Are the newer models any better. I know that they addressed some problems with the electronics by going Japanese. They have also seemed to put better brakes on them...I have read about burnt valves and head issues to faulty suspension components. I am a mechanical person and do all the work and modifications to my vehicles but I also am not looking for a constant problem on three wheels.. I guess to sum it up how are the new ones? Can my wife and I hop on one and go a couple of hundred miles with out worrying about it falling apart? You input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Justin PS I live in Texas
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