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  1. 2007 Ural Patrol 3198 Miles/5148 km $6800 Maintenance performed by a certified Ural mechanic in Dayton Ohio, Garage Kept, Spare Wheel and Tire, Luggage Rack, Fluid Canister, Ammo Box, Sidecar power outlet, Tool Roll, Tire Pump, Battery Charger, Manuals and extras. A few blemishes but the bike looks great. Small wrinkle in the front fender is hard to see from a few feet away. Runs great. Located in Chesapeake, Ohio Text or Call 740-646-4897 Leave a message if I do not answer. I will call you back. 07 Ural Patrol 2.bmp
  2. phesson

    2007 Ural Patrol

    Pictures of my ride.
  3. 07 Ural Patrol 2783 Miles - $7900 (Chesapeake, Ohio) Here's the listing: http://huntington.craigslist.org/mcy/5106391660.html Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Taking it to the dealer in January. At this point it starts and idles like a champ but past a quarter throttle it bogs down. I will post the answer to my problem, hopefully in a couple weeks. Phesson 07 Patrol
  5. I could see taking my last ride in the hack. ;-) Phesson 07 Patrol
  6. Motor bogs down between 1/4 and 3/4 throttle. I took it to the mechanic thinking maybe it was the floats and I have adjusted them wrong or the air fuel mix was still too rich. He went through the carbs and said everything in the carbs looked good and he believed everything was set right. He's starting to think it's in the spark. Plugs get black quick. He thinks it might be oil??? I'm doing some research on the ignition system. He's going to check the timing and let me know if it advances. Ideas or suggestions? Phesson 07 Patrol
  7. Gave up and took her too my mechanic. I couldn't get the air/fuel mix or the floats right. I know a whole hell of a lot more about the carburetor now than when I started. I even enjoined the "Ural experience" in my frustration. Thanks for the tips and guidance. I'll be back if she ever acts up again. Chances of that happening??? :-) Phesson 07 Patrol
  8. I was cleaning the vacuum canister when I saw the HD Bar and Shield. This was surprising to me. I didn't know my Ural had any Harley Davidson parts on it. To the best of my knowledge it's a stock setup. Phesson Here in the West Virginia hills.
  9. That was it! Thanks! Phesson Here in the West Virginia hills.
  10. When I was first trying to diagnose my problem I split the diaphragm by mis aligning it checking the slide, spring and needle, so the new one puts me back where I was. Dave at Heindl had one. $80 plus $80 for rebuild kits. Could have thrown in a little more and bought new ones :-) It seems in the middle of the night someone has shorten my throttle cables!!! I have let them out at the handlebar adjustment as far as I can and at the carb bracket I'm still a good 2-3mm short. Is grinding the carb throttle bracket the only answer to my mysterious shortened cables problem??
  11. Carbs cleaned, new air mix screw, float stopper and float gasket, replaced slide with torn diaphragm needles shimmed x 2 and slides drilled. Tomorrow they go back on the bike. Phesson Here in the West Virginia hills.
  12. I should get my rebuild kit this weekend. Gonna clean every mm of the carbs and see how she does. I'll keep you posted! Phesson Here in the West Virginia hills.
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