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  1. Thanks Vance Much appreciated, think I’ll have to give it a go and see. Cheers Ian
  2. Hi everyone I am after a definitive answer on will a Dnepr MT804 (semi auto) gearbox fit my Ural outfit. My outfit is Ural Dalesman 2004 but I think it may be a year or so earlier as it has drum brakes all round. I am asking because I just can’t find a straight answer, some say yes, some say no. So could anyone put me straight please. Much appreciated Ian
  3. Well I got me a CJ 750 6 volt and a solo gear box. So that’s the end of that. Cheers Ian
  4. Well I’ve got until Saturday to decide and then choose the engine for my solo, I have no idea if the side valve will suit but it does look cool, so unless advised differently it will be the side valve engine. Hey you don’t get many chances in life to look cool, do you. So if it blows, it blows Oh and it’s a Chang Jiang side valve if that makes any difference Cheers Nearly Cool Ian
  5. Northernduck Once again thank you for your wonderful advice, yup I agree with the final drive and I have a solo one to pop in so nothing too concerning there. I totally agree with you that I can’t be the first to do this so I am at a loss to find any real hands on experience to draw from in relation to the side valve engine being run as a solo and the actual performance and reliability. Hey ho I’ll keep searching but going google blind at the moment. Kind regards Ian
  6. Ah my conundrum I want what was originally designed prefer the side valve got access either but originally designed and running as a solo will it be enough. The plot thickens
  7. Thanks very thought provoking but nope not going to evolve it into anything. It will be a bitsa. I’ve got lots to choose from it is just I cannot find the answer to that question. Sure original design and capabilities a side valve would not perform at that level, but will it without sidecar, and just a 12 stone rider. I can’t fathom it so just wondered if anyone on here has practical experience against my question. Cheers Ian
  8. Ha ha You two must be brothers, but I do get what you mean, trouble is I only want one. I know this subject has been flogged to death but I can only really find outfit related information. So if I may please I would like to ask just one question and I think the responses will be the basis of my engine choice. For a solo machine, will a properly rebuilt side valve 6 volt engine be capable of holding say 60 mph on a motorway for say 150 miles. The cruising around bit I am sure it will be. Cheers Ian
  9. Hey Northernduck Thank you for getting back it is extremely helpful. Sitting at 55 and passing at 65 seems spot on, hey my outfit does that most of the time with a good wind and decline and seems exactly what I am after, mind you it has the 750 Ural engine in it. I suppose what I am really asking all the learned side valve owners is can side valve after a total rebuild be ok to cruise around the same speeds, because I read so much about overheating etc and also are the 6 volt electrics really that bad or are they acceptable. I can live with limitations it is just that I don’t know the real term limitations of a side valve engine, only what I read with most of that being in relation to outfits not solos and I would rather get real experiences from all you who build and ride them. Trouble is I am spoilt for choice because of my mate who owns the workshop, his response to my constant question is “buy both”. He is a good businessman!!! Thanks again Ian
  10. Hi everyone I have a Ural Dalesman and very happy with it, had it for years, but I yearn for a solo. I am in the rather lucky position to have a friend who runs a Russian motorcycle business so I have a choice of a few styles of engine, I have already decided on the Dnepr semi gear box. So I love the side valve style and I can get a Chang Jiang SV engine, but I worry about the 6 volt side of things, for two reasons, firstly being in the UK it is not the sunniest of countries so the lights will be needed and secondly the robustness of the engine. I will not be flying around, I will utilise the solo crown and pinion, but I would like to poodle along around 60 mph if I have to do a longer run of say 150 miles. Whilst I realise the limitations do you think that this type of engine, as a solo can achieve this with a certain regularity. If not then I can have a Ural or Dnepr 650 or 750 engine, any recommendations of which is the preferred model please. Kind regards Ian
  11. Cheers Guys Exactly what I was thinking about but never considered the ramifications of a left lean, so think that will go in the bin. Yas it is for a solo, so after your fantastic advice, on this occasion function over form will triumph. Cheers Ian
  12. Hi I’ve seen them but I can’t seem to find any details. Has anyone fitted a foot operated clutch to their bike or outfit. Cheers Ian
  13. Thanks so much everyone Schoolboy error I am afraid went through everything and rechecked every connection plus changed the plugs, still wouldn’t fire up. Battery reading 12 volts. Stupid me thought that was enough. New battery fired straight up. So thanks for all your advice it all worked out in the end. Cheers Ian
  14. Thanks I’ll work me through in the morning much appreciated Ian
  15. Hi everyone Just recommissioning my outfit from about five years ago everything going well got fuel in carbs, new battery, was running fine when I put it up but now I can’t get it started. Even put it on the car battery it will turn but not fire did get a few splutters out of the left pot. Don’t want to churn it over for too long each time. Anyone got any ideas please. Kind regards Ian
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