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  1. I have looked for. Low Harley coil but never found one low enough for my type 3 seems in one of the books I saw reference to lower than 3 only problem is when it is 100 sometimes I take front cover off. Actually have points but like type 3 better. Listen to racepres he told me if I could tune a iron head sportster I could tune dnepr only drawback is everyone says why does that idle and run like a sportster. I dunno. Fun Dennis
  2. It has aspare tire as it sits now if interested at all email or call busy so email might be quickest. Email--- yatesfly@yahoo.com. Thanks Dennis
  3. We are planning to be there already in charlotte
  4. Looking forward to the report. James you never said anything bad about my dnepr. Did you. Just kidding Dennis
  5. Ok thanks I thought much the same someday when I talk to weaver I am going to ask him if he knows anything abou them. Don't know if mt-16 were only ones or a foundry thing or what. Thanks for the reply enjoy the 16 I think they are a little different I haven't had any real bad experiences with mine. Dennis
  6. can anyone tell me what these 3 marks are for on the engine case they are little tips about like a half of a bb and are on what i call the bell housing at about 2 oclock just above right cylinder. the cylinders also had these so dont think they are a mistake. i will try to attach a picture. these are on a mt-16 from the 80s or 90s. thanks dennis they are towards the top of picture excuse dirt and oil
  7. I have two mufflers like that on my mt-16 and I think they sound ok. I got a glass wrap battery from napa for my. Honda haven't needed one for the dnepr yet. Napa gets most stuff overnight.
  8. My vintage motorcycle club does a display by the grandstand at the Springfield mile and sometimes I take the dnepr most questions are what is it now with my new decals it is how do you say that. Sunday I had a gentleman ask me if that was my dnepr I said yes and he told me he bought one new in 1980. I asked wher he lived then he said Florida he couldn't get one in the us so he bought in (I think over the phone) Toronto Canada. He then took the numbers to dmv and got registration and plates. The man did know a lot about dnepr. So I said how did you get it home he said he flew to Canada and picked it up and rode it home. I asked if he made it. He said yes slow but he made it. It was a interesting story. He later got into faster sidecars lastly a vmax with a hanagin but said he always missed the reverse. That's my story
  9. There is a picture on the crap ride thread not a good picture Matt's is better.
  10. As they say your experience may be different on my mt-16 I have type 3 ignition I have about 5000 km on high compression cyls on the right side on the left I had broken valve spring about 1500 km ago so reringed that side. My compression is about 135 to 140 on left and the right side is 160 or more I get a spark knock on the right so when I get back home I am going to pull cyls as from looking at the plugs the right has enough carbon I think is may be building up so anyway I have a couple plates like the old stroker plates for Harley ch and I am going to lower compression but anyhow my timing is retared also this don't help much and I do run today's premium 92 or 93 oct with 10 percent alcohol. But my decals look good.
  11. Saw it at crap looks great you did a fine job in not much time
  12. Got the decals to crap racepres just need to get a picture posted lots of compliments on decals
  13. Happy birthday Ken looks like your mailbox is full
  14. here is one on tub will wait till march when tank is off for those maybe ther will be more show up at crap. thanks again racepres dennis
  15. I got my decals today will see if I am smart enough to get them on. Will have a warm day tomorrow may try one on sidecar may wait on tank till march. Thanks a,lot Dennis
  16. Got your message and answered it thanks a lot. Dennis
  17. I did 3 times if you dont have it I will post it here. Dennis
  18. ok race pres did you get my contact info her is a picture today no grandkids and wife wouldnt cooperate so this is it. Dennis
  19. The first summer I had my mt-16 the bolts came loose on my differential I think I noticed leaking oil I tightened them may have used a small,amount of blue locktite don't think I have noticed the problem after that. I don't remember for sure but haven't had a problem since. I don't know about the lock up,kit you might ask bural I think I would fix present problem first. I don't use mine for hard off road so I don't need a lock up kit IMHO. Good luck. Dennis
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