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    Lomita Calif
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    Camping, motorcycles, rideing and fixing, some jazz, cooking,Rock n Roll, trucks, etc.....

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    I like the M72 & URAL Solo as well a DepnerMT11
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    I have been rideing and building bikes since I was 14 in 1966<br>I have seen Europe and have traveled over 400,000 miles on a M/C I was certified in 1977 in M/C Mechanics in 2002 I started Ditto M/C service to develope a part time shop and friend finding system

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  1. Man o Man I'm a liken the v4 motor or that red tomato :surprise:
  2. I got one down the street in Harbor city on PCH :blush: Doug the Manager is a good mechanic and will help :) the show room is finished as this is the new site from Carson ;) Maybe I'll head down today B)
  3. Thanks you, thank you one and all thank you :surprise: Especally thank you to those that are serveing now :) I'll be lifting a cold one later or maybe more ;)
  4. RUMOR has it he's eating nasty cookies :cry: I just got off the phone with him ;) if he didn't like the first picture how bout this
  5. Old Yankee Nate is haveing his barfday today LOL ole man :blush: gettin his EARL Reddy for Da hansom Damm thingie LOL :surprise: I thin he's 50 or 51 years Young :) He may seem older and fulla ###### but let me remind you hes younger than me B) Hapy Barfday Buddie
  6. Hey have you ever heard the tapes of lake Woebegone I thought I was alone in this LOL :unsure:
  7. Hummmmmmmmmmm :) Lets see...... in the begining the electrical systems like the generator was problemmatic ;) Petcocks left on would leak into the cylinder and when licked or cranked would break the crank shaft :o cheesey factory hardwear can be replaced with quality stock around your neighborhood isn't the metric system great :surprise: American habits on rideing could blow an engine then Capt Tom got a lady to ride it around the states from that point on improvements came like lighting B) then some American tinkers I'm sure wer enot the first with the help of Euro owners came up with some orginal parts that made a differance ;) today they have a better product this weekend I was at a sidecar rally :surprise: today the thing that has not changed is if you know how to work on a BMW motorcycle than your ahead in the ball park if you know anything about Motorcycles your ahead anyway if you know NOTHING and want to learn pray for calm use it for fun and then if you build trust ride it to the ends of the earth B)
  8. Not me never seen it :) usually the milage drops :huh: maybe your math is wrong or something changed ;)
  9. Funny Island retirement........ :huh: I thought of moveing to Pitcarn island for a change of pace and a possability to have my children grow up someplace different..... Actually the Hardship lesson of life :o You can read up on it the survior's of the Bounty are there actually their decendents :unsure: After Visiting Catalina and its town and people and learning of its system of choseing those that "FIT" in that want to live there and a similer system exists on Pitcarn as well > IT is not just a matter of the romance of thinking just going EVEN LOST in this season is about THE OTHERS ;) Of chourse it would be cool to shipwreck finally to survive to land on a shore :surprise: Heck even better if a plane drops groceries ;) Give me a big place to go travel around in I suffer from clostropha anyway B)
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