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    The Outdoors nature,Deerhunting canoing boating Diving Camping Airplanes,Oldcars,Motorcycle <br />Romantic evenings at the fireplace

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    2003 Ural 745 cc 2x3
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    I just bought this bike,after 34years a dream came true.

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  1. Merry Christmas to you and your family, and thanks for your service to our country. Happy holidays, Gerry.
  2. Hi; I've followed with interest your work with the bike, and it's great to hear you can bring it with you. Best of all, you're home for Christmas. Regards, Gerry.
  3. Hi! Thanks for the fast shipping, The DVD WAS GREAT! The sound and picture quality was awesome, Good Job!I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of the trip. May next one should be through N.W. Ontatrio, Gerry :biggrin: :thumbsup!:
  4. Hi Gary I just ordert the DVD to Alaska Paypal paid. Thanks hope to see you soon, Gerry :unsure2:
  5. On a few long motorcycle rides with my young son [eight y/o], I noticed he was falling asleep in the side-car despite the excitement going on around us. Recently I was reading a German motorcycle website and found an article about the carbon monoxide gases that are circulating in the side-car. For adults riding in the side-car, they're tall enough to get fresh air and not be affected by the gases. But for young children sitting behind the windshield, they breathe in the carbon monoxide. http://www.gespannfahrer-bayern.de/ < that's the website. Now, I was wondering what's your input on a solution to this. On the website, they're saying the muffler between the motorcycle and the side-car can be rerouted to the other side. My idea is putting air vents in the front of the side-car to circulate fresh air. What about your ideas?
  6. Okay, Ken, that's not good enough proof. We need pictures! :thumbsup:
  7. Thanks for the link interesting Gerry :thumbsup!:
  8. Many Many thanks to all. I am still in Berlin,my mom passed away 5 years ago. And now my dad.I take both of my parent home back to Canada. they visit me over the years 3 times and like Canada as well. I will make an nice place for them overlooking Lake of the Woods. I will be back on the 21.9. in Kenora Start up my URAL and go for a long ride.Thank to all Gerry
  9. Hi All this is Dianne .Gerry's better half here. He's over in Germany right now dealing with The German governments' version of red tape.. His dad passed away on Aug 18.. and He just wanted me to post a message here to let you know.. He took a ride on the hack that night well remembering his Dad. who used to ride BMW/ bikes in his younger years. * he even said it felt like his dad was with him on the ride too* Anyway, he will be back home here in Mid Sept.. Gerry was going to do a ride for memories for Alzheimer . but will miss this years event. Dianne
  10. My deepest condolences to his family.
  11. Hi John Many many thanks for your input. I'll follow your suggestions and hopefully find the problem. It sounds pretty straight forward and easy to understand. I hope it works. Thanks again Gerry
  12. I think Russian Iron has gone down the drain. Now we're making fun of over-weight people behind their backs. At least they have the courage to ride a two-wheel bike. Now we're taking pictures of them without their knowledge and making jokes about them without knowing anything about them. I think I may have to pack my bags and find another forum with more mature members.
  13. After still dealing with the issue of no lights, I now also have the gremlin of draining the battery. I recharged it with a trigger-charger two amps. Now with a full battery, by connecting the plus wire I'll have a slight spark. With all the electrical systems off. Now how do I lure the gremlin out of the wiring harness?
  14. I bought the new relays, RY 115 from Piston Rings. 28 dollars a piece. To my surprise, I found out these are made in China. Does that make my Ural part CJ? After switching them back and forth, there was still no result; no driving lights. In the daytime I can drive it as I have signal lights and brake lights, and in the evening if I touch the wires underneath the tanks, I might be lucky and have the lights for a short trip home.
  15. Thanks Peter and Bill for your advice . New relays i will get. Oh and by the way it is party time at my place tonight
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