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  1. This post may be of interest to some of you folks, it relates to the early failures of the first gen of alt. adapters and what some of the solutions were... http://www.russianiron.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=5685&st=0
  2. Howdy Depner! My alt. Adapter mod is working well so far. I had to rebuild the top end of my engine recently,(21 Jan.'09) to do the rings and install a Herzog timing gear set, there was NO build up of grease in the timing gear tower. This was one of the things I had been concerned about and could still be a concern if the fitting is over-greased. The 7004 is not sealed and any extra grease pumped in dribbles into the engine from the open bearing end...this seems to be no big deal as there was no grease built up at the bottom of the timing gear tower, or anywhere else IN the engine... I lube the bearings (2-3 full strokes from a standard grease gun) roughly right before an oil change, every 1000 to 1500 miles or so. Before the oil change, I run about a pint of kerosene in the engine till it gets hot, and then change the oil, the engine was nice and clean inside. There's a pic included from the teardown showing the gear tower interior,only some oil in the bottom, and 1 of the adapter face showing some grease residue exiting the 7004. Please be aware that when I did this mod I had no knowledge of exotic lubricants such as Krytox, and proceeded accordingly....Using Krytox MAY be a better solution as it involves much less work, I'm not sure how long it hangs around in actual use... It MAY work just fine, I don't know, and haven't heard of any failing. ...Just so you know there may be an easier way. The other thing is, my mod was done on the 1st version of the adapter, since then, there have been at least 2 other versions of this adapter....so my instructions MAY only be relevant if you have the same version adapter....or not, I don't know because I've only had the one type adapter apart. Hope that helps you decide your course, and Best Wishes on however you choose to proceed! Best Regards! Dave
  3. A NAPA #8539 will give you 2, 90 deg. segments
  4. Hi John, Yes, that's a Dnepr 424 generator, I'm not absolutely sure how it's wired, but it's probably the same as your Dnepr, if you just wanted to copy that....or Ken Ulrich at U2 Cycles would know, more than likely
  5. Hi John, The 'other shaft' coming out of the right side of the trans is the opposite end of the shifter shaft. It would be where you can hook up a hand operated shift lever. Need to know what kind of alternator/generator you have, as they hook up differently
  6. Hi Lloyd, Of the 3 I have, none are glued, they're just held on by the metal lip.
  7. Hi Juha, The Ural block has no pressurized oil galleys for the main bearings, as they use roller bearings with splash lube. The Dnepr uses shell bearings and a higher pressure oiling system. It would be much, much easier to just use a Dnepr block...
  8. DaveO

    Hey WyoWilly!

    I got your PM and repied twice but they're not showing up in my 'sent items', so I don't know if you got them...if you didn't, let me know and I'll e-mail you the info.
  9. I really like this one, a pleasantly bit spicier than the blue, yet not too distracting :thumbsup!: works well for me..Thanks for asking
  10. Dave, it's much better. The fracture is all healed, now I'm doing therapy for the collateral damage (knee and back issues). But I'm walking and driving again! Glad to hear it!!
  11. Thanks Becky, You're the Best! :flame-on!: How's the leg/knee? doing?
  12. Gee Thanks! Whomever changed my(all our?) color!!! Now That's service! That orange was making me loopy or ........something.. :flame-on!:
  13. While I do appreciate the upgrades to this board, and can understand others' desire to have different 'skins' available, is there a way I can change the background color in my settings to get away from this orange coloring? Thanks!
  14. If you go look at a 750 head you will see, just outboard of where the sparkplug enters the head, there is a hole clear through to the other(bottom) side. You can put a nut on the end of the valve cover stud stud there, if it's boogered up in the head. In the pic you can just see the end of the stud....
  15. I guess you mean the tires John? Here's one with a C-97 between 2 335s, the 335 is 4.00 X 19, the C-97 is 4.20 X 19 so the 335 is a little thinner. Kliff, the Duros most likely would be fine, and possibly better in some respects...If the clutch and bellhousing aren't modified for heat, it may be better to spin up the tire and not the clutch. If you do get the clutch hot enough to smoke, you may want to take a break for a couple minutes and let things cool down some before continuing. The forward driven disc will disintegrate if abused too much.
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