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  1. gday scott hope you can make it to the condah rally on november 26-28 at the greenhills hotel condah, open to all bikes and riders.

  2. Great pictures, a ride like that must have made your day. Cheers Scott
  3. Down here in Auss we are starved for good Vodka,. best i ever had was on Iceland, cant remember the name of it, or most of the night either. I will keep an eye out for Russian Standard though. I agree is got to be straight, straight from the freezer...Cheers
  4. Many thanks Mike for the detailed reply. I will look into it. Can you keep me informed of your progress with the modification of the rotor. Cheers Scott
  5. Hi all, I have a few questions regarding the final drive unit. I Have been reading up on what weight oil to use and I cant seem to find a definitive answer,SO What is the correct weight oil for the final drive? The other problem I have is oil leaking from the rear brake hub after I topped up the final drive. I know what your all thinking, and NO I didn't overfill it, not according to the dipstick anyway. I suppose the dipstick could be wrong, So the second question is; What is the correct quantity of oil in the final drive? Thanks in advance... Cheers Scott
  6. Hi, I am looking for an electronic ignition for a 6 volt side valve Dnepr M750, can you help. I look foward to you reply Cheers Scott
  7. If that is the case Scott can they be modified to fit my slotted rotor mount?
  8. Hi Ken, I sent through a PM with a few questions but I'm not sure it went through, did you receive it? Cheers Scott
  9. Thanks again, you deserve a pay rise....
  10. I have heard mention of the term "type 3" so thats an electronic ignition. Once I find one are they pretty easy to fit? I will put the word out and see what I can find Thanks again
  11. Thanks SB, I think relining in a new material is a great idea, I like to stop. I'll find someone locally
  12. Hi all, Happy new year. The bike was going well untill I encountered a few electricial problems that I am currently working through, but I do have a few questions about modernising the electrics to prevent any further reoccuring problems 1. Is an electronic ignition available, if so where? 2. Can the bike be converted to a 12 volt system, if so what’s involved and is this the way to proceed As always I appreciate your help, Cheers Scott
  13. Hi all, Im need to replace thebrake shoes, front and rear on my K750. Are they readily available? Can someone point me in the right direction Many thanks
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