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  1. Nice- i've got a 2004 Dalesman,a Tourist in all but name-and i love it. I'd love to have a sidecar drive Gear up,but they aren't allowed on British roads because the sidecar is on the 'wrong' side! The government allow left hand drive vehicles though....i'd like to swear here, but i'd better not. ride safe and free. Martyn,Aberdare..
  2. Them mufflers are damn heavy and a bit too muffled. i took mine off and changed them for more 'sporty' ones from F2 Motorcycles.I also removed the airbox and added K and N filters. I also changed the jets in the carbs to match. The bike sounds a lot better now that it can breathe a bit, it also goes better. Ride safe and free. martyn,Aberdare.
  3. That's a great rig you got there-it looks the business!
  4. it's so sad when friends are lost-my condolences.
  5. that's great news.....i had a few 'quibbles' when i had mine,but care,attention,and the help of the very knowledgeable,and very helpful people in this illustrious MC-my Ural keeps ticking like a watch (so to speak.). Ride safe and free. martyn,aberdare.
  6. A very happy birthday,Svetty!!!
  7. Hello,Penning, you're doing a good job,and i do like the exhaust that you've made. i, myself am going to turn my Ural into a [rather slow] cafe racer,i'm gathering the bits,mainly from different bike pieces that are advertised on E-Bay. ride safe and free. martyn,aberdare.
  8. Hello,GU SAMOVAR. i've bought stuff off Masterss with no problems what so ever. ride safe and free. martyn,aberdare. :thumbsup!:
  9. I'm doing as Sgt Monster said and going through the wiring again. the badly made,council speed bumps all over our area don't help the electrics none. ride safe and free.martyn,aberdare.
  10. thanks all for your input...made me laugh! i had a spare bulb,but before i replaced it, i tried the lights again,and...low and behold (well,words to that effect!)the damn lights worked! maybe the ghost i got in the house,made it's way to the garage for some mischief! ride safe and free. martyn,aberdare.
  11. that's one cool popsicle..just right for the Ural!
  12. Hello all, after such a long time of nothing going wrong,i was suprised to find that the right hand indicator[rear] stopped working. Ahh, i thought,it's just the bulb.Changed bulb-nothing.Put another bulb in-nothing.i checked bulbs and they are working.right,i'll work back from the bulb and follow the wiring.i pulled what connectors there were apart,cleaned them,put them back,checked the relay,cleaned that.After i finished checking,low and behold-the indicators were working again! problem was,i can't get the headlight to work now...i've got main beam and flash but no dip.that will be my job for tomorrow. The joys of Uraling! you can't beat it!!!! ride safe and free. martyn,aberdare.
  13. Hello GMcQ, ,Welcome-there is one or two from Ireland i think-anyway,you'll have a great time with your Ural and you've come to the right site for all things Ural,Dniepr etc. ride safe and free. martyn,Aberdare.
  14. That's a great video-thanks for sharing,kg4pvo.
  15. the bike is classed as a 'Cossack' but it has the Dnepr frame,etc.
  16. i can actually let go of the bars,and my rig will track strait[with the damper screwed down a bit].
  17. that's a beautiful rig you have there,kg4po.you'll have many happy journeys with it,of that i'm sure! ride safe and free. martyn,aberdare.
  18. Hello Oldschool, you got me thinking now....i love cafe racers,i'm thinking of doing the same to my Ural rig...i'm gonna keep the sidecar attached. ride safe and free. martyn,aberdare.
  19. i've just seen a CX500 engine as a propulsion unit in a Dneipr ! it's for sale in Classic Bike Guide. it certainly looks different. ride safe and free. martyn,Aberdare.
  20. hello all, well the snow has been and gone in South Wales,and it was fun while it lasted...one time when i got stuck in the snow near a road junction,the kids stopped their snowball fighting to help me out of my predicament! it was great to see the kids,all with smiles on their faces,huffing and puffing till i got free,and slewed on my way again.I love the snow,it turns me into a big kid. ride safe and free. martyn,Aberdare.
  21. i'd like to say a big HELLO! to all the new members!!!!
  22. hello Ed,the photo is in my gallery but i can't seem to get it on here....250812-1032(001)jpg hope this works.... all the best. ride safe and free. martyn aberdare.
  23. Martyn


    maybe to them,we're the ghosts....though i don't feel like one. i've recently had two cats come to live with me,i used to have a rat problem,mainly due to the person who lived next door. anyway,sometimes the cats behave as though they are seeing something that i can't see,and behave odd.i wonder if they can see something we can't....... ride safe and free. martyn,aberdare.
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