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  • Birthday 04/23/1956

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    aberdare.south wales
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    before accident,i used to play the bodhran with a folk rock band .i read a lot-especially early Japanese history .i am passionate about motorcycles,i've never had a car.i used to be a support worker, looking after the elderly,infirm,mentally&physically disabled.again untill my accident.

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    2004 Ural 750 Dalesman 2005 Harley Davidson 1200 cafe racer.

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About Me

riding since i was 12,first bike was175 bantam deluxe.

i ride[drive?] a2004 750cc ural dalesman-bought brand new.its used practically every day all year round.

i'm still recovering from an r.t.a. i had in 07.a woman driver hit me into a stone wall while i was riding a yam 900.

the ural is my 'invalid carriage' at the moment.its painful to climb aboard but once i'm there i'm good to go!

Apart from all the solo bikes i've had,i've also had several rigs inc:350jawa,suzuki380 and a cossack.

most of my family call me the 'cwrw guru'[cwrw means beer in welsh!!].the boys in the local pub[the welsh harp]

call me 'father martyn'.if my brother darren is with me, they call us the 'chuckle brothers'.the stereophonic's

ex-drummer, stuart cable used to drink there before he died-we'll all miss him in the pub-he was loud,but funny and a great character.

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