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  1. The water in the transmission has already been figured out. Thanks Mr. Black! As for the sump ... the self cutting plug of a bigger size didn't work. It kept leaking. We pulled it out again, drained the oil and put pipe cement on it. Now THAT kept it from leaking!!! So, I'm pieced together until my next oil change. Then it's got to go to the shop. It needs some Russian TLC that I cannot provide. At least I can drive it for a few more weeks. Another issue I'm having is I can't get my spare off!! The took broke. Tried to weld it but that didn't work at all. Meh. My Ural is one big headache as of late. haha!
  2. Tah-Dah!!! Order is placed!!! Frank was happy that he got some pointers, too. I love it when a plan comes together! I'll let you know how the over sized drain plug fix turns out as soon as that project is complete. Maybe I'll get to go to Snow Camp after all ........
  3. Thanks for the link!!! It's nice to know that there are spare Ural parts out there! I will FWD: the link to my husband seeing that HE'S the one that stripped it. I dont know how many times I've told him NOT to over tighten it but .... he never listens to me. Meh. He's still going to try the over sized plug 1st but he's going to order a new-used sump for later. The downfall? Now that my Ural will be out of commission for this weekend I am missing out on SNOW CAMP!! aaarrrggghhh!!!!! Such is my luck. Oh, well. Maybe I didn't really want to freeze my parts off in the snow over night anyway.
  4. Thanks for the reply Kamm. I was over on another site doing some reading, too. I guess the white cream oil in the transmission is caused by water getting in here through the speed-o-meter cable. Come to find out that was loose (go figure). It has been drained and once I get the pan fixed I'll run it for a bit and redrain it again. That should take care of that problem. Thanks for the suggestion on pan. We will try to tackle that tomorrow (since every place is closed today). Never a dull moment w/a Ural.
  5. This "standard oil change" didn't end up being so standard. The oil pan decided to shed threads. Now the plug won't fit back into place. Would it be ok to get a bigger plug bolt and cut new threads w/it or should I just go out and buy a new oil pan? Most importantly ... when we went to drain the transmission it came out WHITE (like cream). No foam but totally white in color. Any idea why this is? Any help and/or suggestions are greatly appreciated.
  6. IMWA has been GREAT w/the warranty work. However, w/that being said ... I ran out of warranty in October (WARCAT is 2.5 years old now). I honestly believe it's a Friday bike that runs on lemon flavored vodka. If it wasn't for bad luck I'd have no luck at all so I think that's just my lot. MAYBE all the major bugs have worked themselves out by now?? *fingers crossed* I'm just thankful that I drive my rig as much as I do. I always get a chuckle out of other people's mileage count compaired to mine. I think that if I didn't drive it as much as I did 1/2 of these things I wouldn't have noticed until well PAST the warranty! I take great care of WARCAT. I hope to have it for another 30,000 clicks!
  7. Oh, yeah! I remember you! I have pictures of your black Ural!! That was an AWESOME camp out! I WISH they would set that up again! I had so much fun! All goes well (aside from the Ural issues). I'm headed down to the SOUR (South Oregon Ural Rally) Friday morning so *fingers crossed* for an issue-free trip. I don't recall when my engine had to be pulled out but it was for the SAME deal (bad main bearing). Mine is a 2009 though. Meh. I'm all for frequent services but the breakdowns are killing me! >Dneprlover is correct - just treat 30,000 km like 00000 km and start over. THis is totally what I'm going to do. I just wanted to ask the question here to see what everybody else did. I haven't been on this board in forever so I had wanted to touch base. >How in the hell have you gone through 5 drive shafts? NO IDEA! The last time I took it in to get a replacement (just after Christmas) I haven't seem to have any issues ... YET. I keep an eye on it though. >3rd u_joint I've had these replaced, too. *sigh* Now I'm dealing w/leaks. I know this is common but it's a PITA to deal with. bla, bla, bla. Thanks for the line! I'll let you know how the trip to OR turns out! Hope I don't have to post any pictures of me broke down along side the road.
  8. The clamps won't work w/the Nolan N103. It's got an extra ring of plastic under it (where the clips SHOULD go). I've seen some guys cut this out in order to get at the helmet where the clamps would work but I did NOT want to do this. I watched both of the videos you posted while on the great search of how to deal w/this. All I can say is that I WISH the clamps would have worked on mine. The 1st video is great and all but he doesn't show HOW he put that thing on there. The Nolan has some weird curves and the sticky plate doesn't match up they way it should (at least I didn't think so). And w/that tape ... doesn't matter how awesome the tape is ... once you stick it it's STUCK until you pry it off and order another sticky bracket to replace it with. There is no way to remove the communication system. With the way I did it I only made two tiny screw holes in a removable bracket that I can buy a replacment for if need-be. ZERO DAMAGE to the helmet. I'm pretty happy about it and I can remove the entire communication system if I needed to. THANKS AGIAN for your help! I really appreciate it!
  9. IT WORKED!!!!!!!!! LOTS of measures later ... the Scala Rider G4 is now attached to my Nolan N103 helmet! The shop guys here ROCK THE HOUSE! This is the (not-so-great-quality) video that gave me the idea; The communication system in the video isn't the exact one that I have but it's the same concept. It's a tight fit but it works!! Now if I need to remove the Scala for whatever reason I can easily do so w/o helmet damage! This is tottally the way to go! I can't wait to show the guys at the shop where I bought this stuff at! I'm sure they will appreciate knowing that there is now a different way to attach this system to this helmet! SCORE!!
  10. Hey Jonathan! Thanks for your input. I have scouted the web for two days now looking for ANY info on Nolan vs. Scala. There isn't much out there. I WISH the clamps would work on the Nolan but it's shapped funny and they won't work. I really don't want to use the sticky tape either. Once you use that you can't remove the Scala ... well ... you CAN but you destroy your sticky tape. You'd have to get NEW sticky tape to re-attach it again. I DID find this odd little video on YouTube that shows a guy who has the same helmet as me but a different communication unit (think it was the last model of the Scala). The Nolan I have has a little plate that you can remove to install the Nolan communication system (which are VERY $$$$$$$! That's why I went Scala). What he did was drill two little holes in that place and he attached the system that way. The video sucks though. It's out of focus and hard to see. But it did give me an idea! I measured it out and there is no reason why this shouldn't work. I'm just afraid to drill. I brought my helmet into work w/me today along w/the parts needed to attach this thing. I'm going to go to the shop guys today to see if someone in there can do this for me. I'll let you know how it works!! WISH ME (and my helmet) LUCK!! TRACER
  11. Hi Fanie!!

    Just wanted to say HELLO!

  12. Anybody out there ever mount a Scala Rider G4 to a Nolan N103 modular helmet? Just looking for any tips I can get. I don't want to screw up my helmet.
  13. Hey Martyn!! Thanks for your input. I think what I'll end up doing is just a re-boot of the service manual. In my case it's better to be safe than sorry. I'm getting all geared up for a long run next week so we'll see how it does. The LAST long run I attempted to do the SOB left me stranded. And I'm not one to NOT ride. I have a LOT of clicks on WARCAT. I like to look at other bike's odometers and smile. Just thought I'd put my question out to seasoned Ural owners. Doesn't hurt to see what others are doing past their 30,000 km. CHEERS!!! TRACER
  14. AWESOME trailer Buck! Can't wait to see it in person! 8 days!
  15. I've had it in SEVERAL times to IMWA. The best of the best have looked at it, worked on it and serviced it. I like to say it runs on lemon flavored vodka.
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