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  1. OOH this is very very strange .. on my bike the large switch - does nothing ..I thought it was supposed to turn lights off not spark ... BECAUSE ..the small switch does that on my bike it goes -> off, lights, ignition+lights .... Bike start ni matter what position the large switch is up or down.. So how is this wired wrong ?? It would be great to be able to start bike without lights :-) Well - my bike always have started pretty easy....so wonder what it can be then ..but will look into the switch.. Just charged the battery over night it seems it holds 12.8 v - and bike started easy... will have to have it for a longer test ride again...
  2. IF it wiouls have a poorer ring seal, would compression not be lower ? If i have an intake leak, would plug still be brownish ? Im thinking the stuttering might be from the ignition (consider changing it to electronic) Ill try fiddle with it today...its awesome weather ...finally sunshine .-)
  3. Ahh Thanks :-) sounds like im out for a new battery .. Has your Dnepr also lights on in starting position ??
  4. Hi another thread with some small things im a bit blank on..... I was trying to adjust carbs (because left side was hotter and felt like left side was not running so smooth as right side (I have adjusted valves). So when I adjust the right side ... it can be made going really nice ... puuf puuf puuf .. and it takes/responds to throttle nice ... but it sounds like once and a while it misses an "ignition" ... Like stuttering .... ?? what can that be ?? OK LEFT side is worse ..when i adjust like on the right side, strangely it seems like there is not as much stuttering here - BUT however it sounds a bit "softer" hard to describe ..and has a big problem responding to throttle without dying ... When i look at the exhausts - there is alot more smoke coming from the left side than teh right ... Is it the carb ...and what can be wrong ... Also i have noticed the left side is hotter my IR measures only up to 160c and it is higher ..not much i thing ...but the right side is around 130-140c Thanks
  5. Hi guys ... Just wonder if any one have an idea what can cause this -- Im getting my Dnepr MT11 ready for summer... so today i fixed brakes, had the final drive disambled, and took a test ride ..it was a slow riude on gravel roads to test the brakes ect ...after 20 min - bike died with a poofffst .... Weird .. i tried restarting - but was like the bike just died - of course i did try alot of times -tried pushing it ect...a friend came and we tried to pull the bike ..no luck ...so he pulled me home... Checked the voltage it was around 12 v not under ...fitted a charger...tried to start aging ...started in first kick... aha ... ( it died first day after winter too same problem with low voltage - but after recharging the batt there has been no probs) So what can be wrong since bike acts dead with 12v but not with 13v - could the plugs be dead .. I have a large switch on the right handlebar that does nothing, i thought it would have been for turning of the lights - i think if i could turn of lights there would be more current for starting ... right ?? should that switch do that ?? Can the battery be bad ...even though it seems to hold 12,8v fine ?? The bike is charging with aprox 15v I have never had this problem the 4 years i have had the bike. Always have started in 1-2 kicks. But maby it was not a battery issue to begin with .. but after trying so much (with all lights on) i lost power... any hints ?? New battery , new plugs ....new coil ??? or ...
  6. Cool ride.. ;-) What are those exhausts - I like that design ..it looks like the one on the red october, or the sahara...very nice ..I think i go for it, I had doubts if i should wait and see if there was a 2007 for sale ..any that ofcourse will be more expensive ..and it seems like the quality is genrally a whole lot better than the dnepr quality of things im use to :-)
  7. Thanks m8 - Good reply :-) I actually is gonna keep the dnepr i think ..it was a cheap buy.. :) and one day i dream of building it into a diesel hack ;-) So i was trying to investigate - the differences in the bikes pre 2007 and post - I know there are things like the herzog gears, ducati ign, Brembo discs, Sachs absorbers ect But are there overall differences in the quality of the parts pre vs post 2007 ?? I think i could upgrade to many of these parts along the road if the parts on the bike should fail.. And are there any parts in particular that should be watched out for on a 2005 .. ... I sure will post pics and tell more :-)
  8. I have had my russian beast Dnepr mt11 for around 4 years - It have performed ok ... small repairs...clutch screws loose, cables snap, bolts coming out off reardrive ect ect ... but all in all fixable :-) So NOW i see for sale a 2005 Ural ranger/gear up ...pretty good price only 8000 km .. Actually i also thought of buying an even older dnepr like an mb750 or a m72 ... But but ... how good is the 2005 gear-up... I have never seen one for real they are very very rare in denmark... How is the new quality ?? nuts/bolts, cables, paint, electrics, rims/spokes, bearings ...ect ect .. Is the new 2005 models way way better quality than my old beast ?? :-) ... Do they still need fiddling the valves, bearings , and other adjustments or ?? I really dont know maby i have been lucky with my dnepr mt11, but it actually have been driving , starting ect ok - but on the other hand never dared talking it for a long trip....
  9. I got the plates centered ... without a center tool ...I used a screwdriver - and hammer ...gently tapping them in position :-) ..It worked ... So the beast is running again :-) however with a few minor stuff ill post in a new thread... Lesson learned is - if clutch is lipping, if it feels like kickstarter is slipping.....it can be related to the clutchplate screws have come loose.. BEFORE YOU dismantle - It is wise to have a handfull og new clutchplate screws.. and evne the 4 supporting bolts for the gearbox ...and you might want to check on the hardy disc...mine was wasted :-)
  10. I have seen the ural tool :-) but nowhere around here ... also reference to a broomhandle trick... im not sure how that will work..ca it be hammered throug the plate to get the spline grooves ...so what about center alignment then .. ?? maby screw in a little screw in center of broomhandle ...ill try this and report back ....thanks ;-) Got it fixed ...with a screwdriver a hammer and some "gef├╝hl" ;-) ...unfortunately one of the srews where unusable ...so have to wait for parts ... ;-(
  11. I have seen the ural tool :-) but nowhere around here ... also reference to a broomhandle trick... im not sure how that will work..ca it be hammered throug the plate to get the spline grooves ...so what about center alignment then .. ?? maby screw in a little screw in center of broomhandle ...ill try this and report back ....thanks ;-)
  12. UPDATE UPDATE : well my Dnepr ... slowly got worse... and i did not have the time to look into it... 4 months it was just standing there...so today finally i decided to pull gearbox off. WOW ...ALL ...yes ALL the screws holding the clutch plate where loose...very loose (5mm gap)...so decided to pull the gearbox out completely - and overlook the clutch...never tried this... So when I was to put things back on i realise I have a major problem aligning the clutch plates !!!! HOW would Ivan do this with only vodka and rusty tools ??? im kind of stuck...Im thinking of putting the gearbox on enough for the clutch to relase..then fiddle it up and down while gently tapping the kickstarter to se if it will catch the inner plate... Other ...easier ideas ?? because I have to pull box off again to locktite the screw...
  13. Well well - you might be right here - but i was not aware if it was possible for oil to leak into the clutch area ... actually i just topped up the gear oil ... trying to determine top leve from the dip stick ... so could have overfilled it - Would that result in oil in the clutch area ??? Thanks
  14. The clutch cable just broke :-) ...so maby hmm it could have had something to do with that, will test ... just ordered german cables for brakes and clutch ... :)
  15. Thanks for all the feedback .... Well i will take a test run to see if there is any smell .... there is no abnormal noise :-) .... actually it happend on a gravel road, and at first i thought the rear wheel was spinning ( thats the way it feel engine revs but no action) ... Maby the missing smell is because i also promtly release the throttle, when i feel the lack of power because its only under heavyer load / higher rps / acceleration it occurs, and when relaeased to lower rpm , the bikes accelerate slowly but steady ... Should i try to just keep the throttle, and see if there is a smell ?? and for how long would you recon ? I live in denmark :-) ...consider drilling out the threads in the rear drive, and replace nuts and bolts there ...
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