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  1. East Orange does seem a bit scary. As soon as I have a trailer option I'll take you up on the trip! Here's my 4th ride report: http://www.pushingpoints.com/2010/06/ride-report-4/
  2. Here is ride report #3 which marks 100+ miles for me. http://www.pushingpoints.com/2010/05/ride-report-3/
  3. I got my motorcycle license in November last year just before the weather turned and I finally got my GearUp this week and couldn't be happier! I have a lot to learn but I'm taking it slow....baby steps. Here is a small write up about getting the bike earlier this week: http://www.pushingpoints.com/2010/05/jacks-hack/ My ride report from yesterday (first real ride): http://www.pushingpoints.com/2010/05/ride-report-1/ My ride report from Today: http://www.pushingpoints.com/2010/05/ride-report-2/ I'm slowly building confidence and look forward to the day when I take on NJ traffic full force. I also look forward to being able to drive it far enough to find some dirt to play in. New Jersey is a little different from Texas where I spent most of my life... I'm sure I'll find some good places to go off road and have a whole new experience with the Gearup. Most of all I can't wait till I have enough experience to safely take my dog Jack with me on some long rides. He seems to be taking to the bike as if he's been in it for years. Words cant describe how cool the Ural community is... It's made this new venture much easier. More ride reports to come.
  4. I've had my eyes on a Ural for the last couple of years and I'm really getting to the point where I think I'm going to get one soon. I'm signing up for a class (Never been on a bike) and shortly after I plan on purchasing a bike. Curious to see if there are any Ural owners in my area. I just recently moved to South Orange, NJ. Looks like there is an amazing community for Ural owners...makes me want one that much more.
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