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  1. A great series of articles Ernie. Thank you. Andy
  2. Thanks SB. That's great. I'll give them a go. The jet sizes will be a great help. Regards Andy
  3. I've got a pair of K68s on my Dnepr and although practically brand new they are horrible devices. Forever flooding, impossible to keep in tune etc etc. Honestly I'd do better pouring fuel down the inlets with an old jug. So I think they might be heading for the bin to be replaced by something that was manufactured with a modicum of quality control. Does anybody have suggestions for replacements (probably Japanese and 28mm) Regards Andy
  4. Now you've seen it. Throw it away a fit a decent quality coil.
  5. Haven't chipped in before as I'm no expert. Haven't even finished my first Russian rebuild and I've had it 3 weeks. Still for what it's worth my thoughts: 1. Mine has a circlip in a groove around the rear splines which stops the driveshaft sliding too far back into the rear UJ 2. I didn't know there was any other sort. It bolts above the points with an HT lead to each plug 3. By a spring attached to the rear brake pedal 4. Both sides of the engine on the rear bolt on mine. The centre stand springs clip over the spacers. 5. Longer one goes at the rear - the foot rests fit on it. 6. Under the nuts on the front engine mounting bolt d-b style. Loops to the outside. 7. I don't Andy
  6. I wouldn't fit something like that in my Ducati but in the case of a Russian engine that does half the revs I also would tidy it up and fit it. Be careful with the ring groove. I've no idea about your rings but "top 81" and "sim1" doesn't sound very Russian to me
  7. I'd get the oil level correct and run it like that for a while before you start worring about stripping the engine. If it is over full it will burn oil. And blow out oil seals and all sorts of other nasties.
  8. andyp

    Fork oil

    I thought something looked wrong. I'll saw it off and weld it on the other side in the morning. :thumbsup!:
  9. andyp

    Fork oil

    Many thanks. I'll go with that. It certainly sounds about right going on the amount of black stuff I poured out of them. Andy
  10. andyp

    Fork oil

    Hello Chaps I'm about to put the forks on my MT11 back together after a clean and paint and I wondered if anybody had the quantity and type of oil I should use? Many thanks Andy
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