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  1. If it was my Bike I would leave them alone.Why tempt faith
  2. What happened to Soviet Stead site ??
  3. Anyone know what type of Spot Light bulb I need for my 2009 Gear-Up ?? I'd like to have spares.
  4. East Orange does seem a bit scary. As soon as I have a trailer option I'll take you up on the trip! Here's my 4th ride report: http://www.pushingpoints.com/2010/06/ride-report-4/
  5. Can anyone recommend a good quality set of mirrors that will stay in the position I want them too on my 2009 Gear-Up.? I prefer basic black. Someone did mention KLM Military Mirrors, anyone install these on a Gear-Up? Thanks
  6. Sir: I have heard of nothing but good remarks for a product made by Por 15 They make a complete Tank Cleaning and Coating kit
  7. Rich, Hows the new Web-Site coming along ?
  8. Rich. I miss your Web-Sye. Whats the deal ???
  9. Confused about the Sahara windshield. I am waiting for my Sahara and is was my impression the windshield was not Federal DOT approved and did not come stock. The Ural Web-Ste shows the Rig without a Windshield, Anyone have the real deal ??
  10. I have read many people recommending thicker replacement Inner Tubes for their Rigs. Can anyone recommend, (Specifics), Tubes for my 4.00 X 19" wheels ? Is replacement tubes recommended for all Wheels ? Thanks, Dave
  11. Welcome, I to am waiting for my 2009 Sahara and would like to see pictures of yours when she arrives. No one knows for sure what these bikes will show up wearing from Russia. Good luck. Dave from New Jersey, the State not the Movie
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