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  1. I have decided to sell my '81 Neval because I do not run it enough. Clean PA title in my name, new top end by Ken Ulrich, runs well, no rust/dents. Includes fairing and some extra parts. Around 7200 miles. It is due for a valve check/adjust and an oil change. Tires are showing some checking but still hold air no problem. Starts second or third kick. Asking $4000 obo. Consider trading for a Jeep CJ/Wrangler/TJ, automatic, rust free. Delivery may be available if needed. I do not have pics on this computer, but see this thread: http://www.russianir...ski#entry120887 for more clarification. If you want photos sent to you, I can do that from home.
  2. Well, I am trying the two part epoxy gas tank sealer from Permatex. I found an extremely small hole behind the front mounting tab, not sure if it is rust, or a crack. It wouldn't leak yesterday before I started digging at it, so I think it must be temperature dependant (warmer, metal expands, hole opens up a bit). Anyway, scrubbed it down thoroughly, sprayed it out with acetone, sanded it down, applied the epoxy around the bracket area and worked it in as tight as I could. After it sets up I will fill the tank and see if it leaks. If so, I will remove the epoxy and just get it welded.
  3. I have to say I am very interested in this. My rig has a 12VDC, negative ground, manual advance points system. So far it has been okay, but I wouldn't mind an upgrade to replace the points. I have a dual output coil (maybe a Harley unit, not sure). Based on your instructions, there would be one ignition wire coming out of the coil, then spliced into two, one for each plug? I have a 1981 Neval (Dnepr), I have been told the points/timing system is similar (or identical) to a K750, not sure of the exact description.
  4. Started this summer, very slow leak from front of tank, not the petcock or crossover tube. Scraped it down, no hole. Assume it is in the seam weld for the front mount bracket, left side. Any suggestions on sealing it? The inside has been ''çreamed'' previously, not by me so I don't know what was used. Can it be done again? I am reluctant to just spread JB or something similar on the outside, as I want to fix this permanently. I guess it could be re-welded, but I can't even see where it might be leaking from exactly. Maybe I will re-fill and see if I can see it come out. Tony
  5. Never mind - scraped it down, no rot. Can't even see a pinhole, so it must be very small. Post over in Nuts n' Bolts. Tony
  6. Mine has no sidecar brake, can't remember about the passenger peg.
  7. Mine handles okay, but I think the leading fork front end would probably be better. Mine is kinda bouncy and right turns are challenging (more so than you would think from a sidecar rig, in my opinion).
  8. Hey, I'll trade you a '79 KZ1000 and a '84 Honda Interceptor 700 for it :)
  9. My understanding is that Nevals have different carbs, ignition, and the addition of a tach. Not much different than the base Dnepr. Mine has two Dellorto carbs and manual ignition advance. Nevals did more than one make of bike under their own brand. KMZ, UMZ and IMZ were the main ones. Depending on level of spec, and model of bike. Some had rev counters, some didn't , some had aftermarket coils mounted on the top engine steady, others were standard . They certainly did experiment using different carbs . There are many variations of models they supplied, as well as the 'Champ' I have mentioned, they also produced a 2wd version of the MT10 for the Canadian market To say that all Nevals were Dnepr's is incorrect. Makes sense. Mine is indeed 2wd, and probably came down through Canada, given it seems to have moved through New England, down into PA.
  10. My understanding is that Nevals have different carbs, ignition, and the addition of a tach. Not much different than the base Dnepr. Mine has two Dellorto carbs and manual ignition advance.
  11. Just wondering if anyone else has a Neval, or definitively knows of a Neval here in the U.S.? My understanding is that very few came in, as they weren't originally meant for the U.S.
  12. Before you sell it, you should ride it. They are a lot of fun! What did you pay, if you don't mind saying?
  13. What a timely post. Finally have been riding the Neval enough to realize I have the same issue. I can barely, if at all, compress the forks. Time to rebuild, I guess.
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