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  1. Have a 2wd MT-16 painted camo,bought and titled in 2009,1000miles or km? Runs good, $4500. Indianapolis,In. Thanks Brad. 317-432-7452
  2. Check out ural-centrale. Lots of Dnepr stuff Here is the final drive page: http://www.ural-zentrale.de/index.php/cat/...inal-drive.html Thanks Alecu & Ratso the guy at U-2 was very helpful. Indy
  3. Where is a good place to buy parts for my mt-16, its throwing oil out of the rear wheel hub. Thanks,Indianapolis
  4. After removing valve covers to set lash on my "new" Dnepr mt-16, both covers leak oil,there rubber gaskets,what am I doing wrong. Thanks, Brad
  5. Thanks to all for the info on my Dnepr misfire. Would electronic ignition and a new coil fix must of my problems? Is such a thing available,where can I buy it. Or is there a bolt in replacement for the Dnepr points and condenser?
  6. I have sheng wey carbs,what appear to be dnper points and condenser,and some kind of aftermarket coil under the tank.
  7. Bought a "new" Dnepr MT16 with 5 miles on it,rode for about 50 miles then it started loseing power and back fireing. Ichecked all the normal stuff, cleaned carbs,new plugs,spark at plugs nothing helped. tryed setting timing no help, finally cleaned points and it ran better,then started misfireing again. Ordered a new set of points and condenser from dealer. After reading the nuts and bolts forums,how should i proceed?
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