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  1. Nah. Not an end of an era. Just changing channels.
  2. My trusty Retro went to a new home Saturday. Nephew of a club member here. Sunday I picked this up. 2003 RE 500 Classic with (non working) electric start. I'm just about done servicing it up. Very easy to kick start (luckily!). I finally found something even simpler than a Ural to maintain!
  3. Mark. Check the ground wire and the disconnect switch if your bike has one of those! I have seen poor grounds kill bikes before. I'm sure your Beemer will be well received there. Us peasants like seeing space ships from time to time. I'm sure we won't chase you off with pitch forks!
  4. We are packed and ready to go. No bike this year. Couldn't get a good bleed on the Guzzi's rear brake after changing out the lines yesterday. So we'll tow our tny camper down like last year. Bringing some home brewed "Kitty Hawk Porter" to share too!
  5. Donna and I reserved site CC2. Right next to where we were last year. See you all Friday!
  6. I'll be there! Donna will have to check her schedule to see if she can get off then.
  7. Folks We are here now at the Asheville East KOA. We'll be at the Berliner Kindl Restaurant in Black mountain at 6:30 pm. I'll be cooking up the soup tomorrow and dinner is at 6 pm tomorrow. Hope to see some of you here! We have about a dozen folks here now and more trickling in. We 're in site CC3 which is right behind the bath house along the river. Plenty of room back here!
  8. Looks pretty racy for our crowd. What do you sell to fit old out of shape sidecarrists in their 40's through 70's?
  9. Just glad to hear you're OK Ken. We missed you at the rally. Tell us how your day in court goes!
  10. Rally is happening now folks! We had 16 people come to the dinner at the Berliner Kindl restaurant in Black Mountain. It was an awesome meal. Good thing we called for reservations too because a party of six came in right after us with no reservations. Had we not called we may not have gotten seated! Talked one of the waitresses into a sidecar ride afterwards. She had a lot of fun and half the staff came out to see her enjoy it. Some of those folks may drop by tomorrow for our Borcht dinner at 6 pm. We'll try to repeat the group ride from last year for those who wish to come. For you late comers, we'll have dinner ready at 6 pm tomorrow. Had twenty people here this evening. Should be busier tomorrow! They're calling for nice weather the rest of the weekend. The leaves are near their peak too!
  11. It'll be good to see you again Ken!
  12. George We bought this toy hauler (18') last summer for $8900. 2008 model. It is 3/4 ton towable, but we have a E350 van to tow it just to be sure. That handles it well even out in the mountains. Granted, it is a small and basic trailer, but we find it just fine as a KISS camper for two people. Pic: As heavy duty trucks go, the big passenger vans are the unwanted step children of trucks. They don't fetch the prices that pickups do. You can get great deals on them new-used after a leasing company has used them for a year. Our "white elephant" van was just 9 months old when I got it. Saved $11k over the price of a new one. I've had it a year and a half now. Its a great truck. 14-15 mph city. 18-19 out on the hiway. And 10-12 towing a 6500 lb. tall trailer. Insurance is cheap on the van. Really cheap on the trailer. It has incredible suspension and brakes. But rides better than any p/u truck I have owned. We are frugal folks. We got a lot of bang for the buck on this combo.
  13. I would never consider it. Being a assymetrical load it will want to go sideways. You'll wear out the tires and bearings fast and probably the rear drive too. You'll wind up arriving with what's left of the wreckage still attached to your hit and a whole bunch of pissed off drivers behind you! At least get a 6 foot wide trailer you can drive it up onto, tie it down and then pull that behind the RV. We did that for years. Works great. But an open trailer behind an RV in bad weather will trash your rig! An enclosed trailer will protect it better. If you go enclosed, get a 7 foot wide one so you have access to climb around it and to tie it down. This is one reason we now have a toy hauler trailer. Drive the rig in and then tie it down and shut the rear hatch and go! Take the rig out when you get there and you have a roomy trailer to live in. You can even un-hitch the van and use it at your destination if the weather is really bad. Good flexibility in the use of it compared to ouur old C Class RV and open cargo trailer.
  14. Yep, I'm still around and in business. But just doing it part time as of today. I took a full time job in a tool room starting today. But I have evenings and weekends for upholstery stuff. You can contact me at maunds@verizon.net No web site. Sorry. Just a huge collection of pics on Photo Bucket. http://s19.photobucket.com/albums/b155/rgmaund/Richs%20Seats/
  15. Those so called super chargers worked OK with K65's if you cleaned up the poorly molded castings. These were an OK accessory in the 90's but quality went south over the years as the mold became badly used. It also requires a rigid hose. Many kits come with soft hose that can collapse. They are not sized to be used with the larger throated K68's. On my old Ural I ofund that the supercharger did improve torque as advertised used with K65's. Then I found you get the same torque boost with K68's and better gas mileage also. You cannot properly balance the carbs with that big cross over hose from the supercharger in place. Remove the hose and cap the fittings off before synching the carbs. I suppose you could drill the castings for the supercharger to accept small fittings for balancing tubes from a twin max. But you'd still need to cap off the big hose fittings before balancing.
  16. I really like K68's. Mine were over five years old before the washer on the float needles broke up causing them to over flow the bowls. (Gasahol eats at the tiny sealing washers.) That Kohler lawn more needle part fixed it just fine. The enrichner knobs are junk. Just replace with something home made or drop in an assembly from a set of K65's. Make sure you got a left and right side carb made for your Ural 650 or 750 and not for some model of snowmobile! They make these to fit many different motors. Needle in the slide should start off in the middle notch. Remove bowl and clean out just in case. Hold carb upside down. Make sure float mold line is parallel to the bowl flange. That is your proper float height. Air bleed screw should be 1.5 turns open as a baseline. Start bike and synch carbs and set idle speed. I like to drill the intake flange on them and fit a 6x1mm brake bleeder nipple there to attach my twin Max sync tool to. Just cap them off when not in use. On my bike the left one provides vac to op the petcock. Now on one side slowly screw out the air bleed screw until idle speed peaks. Then screw it in 1/4 turn to err on the rich side. Set the other side to the same number of turns open. Reset idle speed/synch if need be. Go for a ride. Shut bike down and let it cool off. Pull plugs and look at color. That'll tell you if you need to go up/rich on the slide needle or put it down a notch to lean the mix. I see the K68's as being a great cross between a Delorto and a Mikuni. Their issues are easy ones to fix. Once set up well, they are extremely reliable carbs and are way less sensitive to dirty fuel than the CVK's are. I've been using them since became available in the late 90's.
  17. Folks I'm not getting too much input on this. Looks like between the three boards I posted this on, most folks want the third weekend. 14-15-16 October. So those are now the official dates for the FART Rally. Heck, only five folks voted here. This was the only place more folks wanted the second weekend. And that was by just one vote. Now you can make your reservations if you like! 14-15-16 October
  18. Nice bit of info. Thanks for posting that! I have been using K68's since the 90's when they first became available. The only issues I have had with them though would be the cheap plastic handles on the enrichners that fall off the first time you look at them and the tiny nylon O rings on the tips of the float needles that disintegrate after a few years exposure to our cheap gasahol. Other than that, they have been outstanding carbs in my own experience and hold their adjustments very well.
  19. Mark One reason I didn't suggest that first weekend is I may still be watching my sister in law's dogs while she's on her honeymoon. I'm afraid my time is spoken for in the last half of September. Heck, she's getting married the same weekend as the MD/DC Guzzi Rally. First time I'll miss that in ten years! Good thing she is on our list of "favorite" relatives or I wouldn't have agreed to all that! If folks want it that weekend, then so be it. But I won't be able to attend and help with stuff.
  20. I spoke to Glenn Hamilton who ran it last year. He has volunteered his awesome home made Borscht soup and bread for the Saturday evening dinner. But he left it up to me to get a date set and get the ball rolling for the Rally. Proposed dates: 7-8-9 October? or 14-15-16 October? Those are the second and third weekends in October. If we hold it later in October, the leaves can be more colorful. But the weather becomes very "iffy" and of course there are a lot more tourists (Not Ural ones) in the area to deal with on the Parkway. Usually we hold it on the second weekend of the month. But since Oct. starts on a weekend this year, I will personally vote for the third weekend. The location will be the Asheville East KOA. You can look them up on the web. http://www.ashevilleeastkoa.com/ (There is a KOA "west" too. We don't meet there!) The Asheville KOA East has always treated us very well and they don't mind of motelling visitors come in to join in the rally. This is a bring almost all your own stuff rally. No rally fee. You just make your own reservations to camp there. There are cabins and tent sites and small RV sites near the bath house between the twin lakes. That is our "rally central" area. Donna and I will get a small RV site (Non pull through) on the lake right near the bath house like we did last year. Usually, someone here rents a cabin there. And we use their camp fire site as the group fire for Friday and Saturday evenings. Even most of the tent sites there have water and electric hook ups. We have a little catylitic heater we use in our little tent camper that is great when it gets cold at night! Being able to plug it in is a treat. So you tenters can have heat if you bring a heater. The KOA has large pull through RV sites out front. Just ride your Ural back to the lake area to see us! This KOA is fine with you bringing your doggie! But I believe they do need to stay leashed. And clean up their messes. Many folks have brought their dogs to this rally. I can't remember there ever being a problem. The Super 8 motel out in town (I believe it is Swanannoa) comes well recommended over the years by folks who've used it. You can stay there and ride to the KOA up the road to be at the Rally. Some pics we took last year. Last year was unusually warm. Leaves had barely started to change. But OMG was it a beautiful weekend! One of the best group rides we ever took too! Hopefully Glenn will lead on that route again this year! Suggested Rally schedule. There is no set schedule. This is just what we usually do! Feel free to join in or to do your own thing! Friday afternoon we all arrive and set up camp and do a lot of visiting. Friday evening we try to have dinner together (seperate checks :D ) at the Berliner Kindle restaurant in Black mountain. We try to be there at 6:30 for dinner. Of course getting the group to stop talking and saddle up is much like trying to herd cats. It's just a ten minute ride to the restaurant. After dinner, back to camp for a fire and even more shooting of the breeze. Saturday. The campground serves a simple breakfast at their pavillion out front that is very reasonable. There is a McD's and Huddle House out in town. Or cook your own. We will try to have a coffee pot for the group at the Rally site. Then more talking at the campground. That builds up quite a momentum and we try to break it late morning with a group ride. You can see from the pics above that Glenn led us on what I consider the finest ride we have ever had last year! The BRP is just ten minutes away and you do your own ride of course! We all work to get back to the rally area at the campground by 7 pm for dinner. Soup and bread plus whatever stuff folks want to bring and donate. We'll start a fire near dark and hang out and eat and drink and talk by the fire until you decide to turn in for the night. Sunday morning we'll have coffee ready. Do your own thing for breakfast again. Folks who have to travel usually start breaking camp to head home. Folks who have a lesser travel home often get together for one more group ride. You guys organize that yourselves. Donna and I have 400 miles to get home, so we leave by 10 or so in the morning. That's what you can expect from the rally! Nuth'n fancy. Just a bunch of folks enjoying time together and riding some. I'll copy this post to the other boards to get feedback there as well. Lets hear your votes for trhe date and suggestions for the rally this year!
  21. I've used them for years. They outlast the oem Russian tires 2 to 1. But they cost twice as much too, so you break even. But you need 18" wheels on your rig to use them. No 19" size available. I've had them on my '03 Retro for the past five years.
  22. He looks like he enjoys that "hammock" on your sidecar.
  23. I'll be bringing frozen meats for the grill to feed three dozen folks. Burgers, dogs, brats and whatever else good stuff I see at the Navy Commissary. Looking forwards to an early start Friday to Willville!
  24. Just a reminder folks. The Rally is coming up next weekend! Looking forwards to seeing you all at Willville!
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