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  1. If you haven’t heard, we are busy here in Michigan. IMWA has contracted with Crawford Sales to be the North American Parts Distribution Center, to be known as “Ural Parts”. We have rented adjacent space, hired a knowledgeable, organized manager in the person of Al Bond and are in the process of unpacking crates and pallets of parts. Our hope is to be up and running in early January. Ural Parts is a separate entity from Crawford Sales and was created in order to better serve the dealers and ultimately the customer. This has been a difficult time for the dealers and we are grateful for their patience and understanding. IMWA and Ural Parts, are optimistic and excited about 2009 and the future of Ural Motorcycles for all the dealers and their customers. The support of the Ural community is vital and greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Pat Crawford
  2. Hi All, Terry and I are doing FART this year. Becky and Vance have been raving about it for years, so we decided that 2007 is our year... just for the fun of it. I understand the weather can go either way ... or did Becky say "both" ways ... so I guess I'll be over-packing. We're also staying at the Super-8 and are driving in on Thursday. Rich ... is Donna coming? See you all there. Pat C.
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