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  1. @MB650 ith lock up kit...it only turns Uraly it if you select it, otherwise it's the same smooth planetary motion? @MTRRAD Safety drill and wire them,mine will get loose once in a while, not too frequent though and I have original thread no hellicoil yet. The single wheel drive is a disaster in terms of the 4 nuts and studs getting loose, I've started putting high quality Zenk bolts from the inside, still will move a little but no place to go, should drill and safety wire the 4.
  2. wellcome beerob81. The odometer is 20ks as they were delivered from the factory. It could be a late model 90ties or early model 2000s as they only completely stopped assembly 2 years ago but it's actually the frame that gives the age of the bike. As far as I can see in the pictures the engine and gearbox should also be NOS, a few focused pics will show better. I have heard new factory Dnepr engines and they sound very sweet, as long as yours doesn't drip a lot of oil from old rubber gaskets, don't mess with it, it's up to you to make it a long runner without deep repair, and it can be. Use it gently as it might be running in, but once you start using it use it for a ride at least one day a week.
  3. James, the number plate on that motorcycle you mentioned is not Romanian, might be German?!. I've seen on international sales military KTMs 450s which seem very nice and not that overpowered as those KTM LC pistoneaters - I'll bet they are great fun probably more than Diesel powered bulky bikes, but surely not as fun as a 400kg iron Soviet grandma :D That's from yesturday evening
  4. Was a short run to a nearby lake. The bike's gone through a complete bodywork overhaul, didn't install the legshields yet with their sloppy brackets and need to bend them to my liking, but will do. I don't use heated grips, instead fabric covers that work great in the cold and I can put on thin gloves. I don't use electric blankets, didn't want to overload the 424 alternator but I have one lying around and will try.
  5. I salute you, this is a few days ago from a short run. Kinda misty as it was going dark but actually an end to the first day of a shy sun after 4 weeks of continuous cloud - them iluminatti drawing the weather gun . It would be so fun on short distances on big snow, just that they throw all sorts of anti-ice substances that prooved corrosive for my sidecars over the last winters -and I can't clean them after cause I don't have a garage, I did it once, it was a glazed Dnepr even the bowden cables froze inside.
  6. Harleych what goggles was the Soviet motorcycle reconaisance using? The one from the later part of the USSR. Are there Dneprs in theRussian Army still? I've heard a rumour of motorcycle couriers in the Georgia conflict.
  7. that one in the link is original, plating on the lid, bakelite a.o. , only stupidly punched dots on the front plate fastened by screws. I do not have any experience with the new Chineese 424's who knows maybe they aren't bad, maybe some of the RIMC members would like to contribute with their opinion.
  8. ...the Dnepr MB650 beeing placed right next to 2 other nifty Ukrainian Ex-Soviet things, the Luaz "SUV" and the Luaz Amphibian "SUV"... both dead also. Watch the Luaz peacefully perform for a perfect days fishing, accompanied by my favourite Russian singer Arkady Severny.
  9. A Dnepr Escort AND a Dnepr MB650. Nice bikes, it was under this parasite's mandate that the KMZ giant finaly gave it's last breath.
  10. I'm not in UK, have a good 424 alt but it's not for sale, cause I might need it next time one of my 424s fry . So this doesn't answer your question but here goes: in my experience big stocks of original parts for sale moved by trucks from Ukraine to Poland and they are cheaper than what the Germans trade, buy 2 like this http://allegro.pl/oryginalny-cccp-alternator-12v-dniepr-ural-mw-i4893727124.html
  11. Always interesting pictures and videos from the Medved run in Yaroslavl, harleych.
  12. Allow me to present to you some older footage related to the traditional winter rallye in Romania, Bikes on Ice. Nice brass band music is of a Serbian with some Gipsy spice type by Goran Bregovich.
  13. I'd buy this http://www.pinterest.com/pin/188869778097565472/ , Jialing JH600A, what's good for the modern Red Army should be a good ride.
  14. Victor, Rocknroll is as of this morning KIA,close to his home a car threw his 2 wheels in a ditch. Commie bike riders in Romania knew him, we all enjoyed his lovely cheerfulness, thanked for his generous advices, he will be remembered. The fabrication of his hybrid alternator is temporarely stopped.
  15. page 50 of the M72 manual writes that there is excentricity btw the 414 genny shaft and the camshaft, one which you set by rotation of the generator So rotate the generator until there is a bit of play but not too much on the teeht of the mating gears.Mount on this 414 12 V hybrid the pinnion that worked without issues before. It is a great thing the camshaft gear didn't brake in 4. I dunno about the Herzog Gears or any other gears, but the Soviet gears are smart, they put steel in contact with pig iron for as little wear as possible.
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