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    Built in 1983~1984 my Olga , travelled until 2005 some 537 000 km , max speed 145km/h . engine 650cc , Overhauled her in May2005 .

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  1. To all who are here, Thankyou all so much for your touching words. My dads funeral will be held in Fremantle on Wednesday the 11th . At 3 pm we take my dad through Freo for his last ride and a view of the ocean. Please have a ride for him. We pick the olga up today. I have no idea what to expect. The police have said it is a write off. Which means we have to start from scratch. I came on today a saw another topic about the flower. I now know why my dad loved coming to this site. You are all brothers. We are all in. Just tell us where to send the money for some. Thankyou Chantelle and Jessica
  2. To all who knew Walter Nicholl, Just thought I would let you know that Wally passed away on Saturday afternoon at 4pm. He was on his way home from having a coffee in Freo like he did every other weekend when a woman driver pulled out in front of him from a side street on the corner of Armadale Rd and Worton Rd. We have decided that he deserves a motorbike tribute at his funeral. Anyone living in WA that owns a bike is more than welcome to join in remembering the greatest man I ever knew. I personally have decided that I am going to restore his pride and joy Olga. I know he would be shattered to see her go to waste or worse the wreckers. He would want any of his kids or anyone else for that matter of fact to stop riding after an accident. I wanted to also ask if I have any questions when the time has come to restore her if I can ask someone here? I will be checking UralWalter emails every now and again so if you would like to participate in the motorbike parade please send an email. I love you dad... I miss you so much... Love your daughter Jessica Nicholl
  3. ask an Arab to sit on the tank cap while you drain,plug and pop may they be useful for somthing
  4. Ok , I think they where from a Mazda 424 Car - I see my Buddy here tomorrow and I will ask him - He done the work on the heads .
  5. I used the 30-30 winchester for Pig hunting some years ago , then I changed over to 22-250 using 40 grain projectiles for Fox and 90 grain for pigs , with an 40 X40X 12 zoom , you could shoot the eye out of an fly at 800 yards , or circumsise the fly when it was flying . I only used hollow point ( Speer ) . then some 8 years ago I gone over to Hand guns , Blackpowder , sold all my handguns last week - no moore . I am getting ready for retirement . Next year will be my Holiday in the US - hope to see a lot of you Guy's - I have some relation over there which I not see for some 40 years , Cousins and Aunties and in Canada I have two Half-Brothers ( never meet them ) .
  6. yes , on one engine and one gearbox . when I bought the bike in 1983 - it was in bits ( the guy who sold it to me was Hungarian or Checha ) and he told me : when you buy any russian bike stripped and make shure all is there then replace all bearings with Western Quality bearings , remachine all parts if neccessary , make shure that the front cover and the rear cover within the engine casting are in line , make up new cam followers using EN25 material and have it nitrated. Check the crank , use 3 ring pistons , Mazda Valves and Valve guides , composite cyl.head gasket , use wetern ISO standard Bolts , Buts and studs , secure everything with Loctite or lock wire it . Use the best grade oil for motor and tranny and final drive , regular checks and service , well in a nut shell the above is my secret .
  7. Charlie Confusius sayed : why kill a moskito with a Cannon :o
  8. they taste delicious with mushroom sauce , you wrap them in bacon and ovenbake them then make a peppery mushroom sauce hmhmhhmhmhmhmhmhmhmhmhmhmhmhmhmh ;) ;) :D
  9. The ecomomy is healthy. Taxes are lower. We're winning the war. Terrorists are on the run. Islamic states that sponsored terrorism are now democracies. and Big John is happy :D :D
  10. My Olga is sitting at the moment on 547 400 km ( 337 901miles ) total since new but then she is a URAL . Hope sometimes this year I can have a drink with her for the 550 000 km ( 339506 miles ) .
  11. cwpugh, here is the link : http://vespazine.blogspot.com/2005/12/whit...-sigursson.html
  12. John,John,John not so long ago you said : never wash - now you wash what will be next ; polish the chrome back up again - wow , you love doing it the hard way
  13. yeah Guy's it took me $100.00US and two days work to get the walls white - special white rubber paint . I tryed to get white walls tyres but none available - so I had to do them myself .
  14. if you send me an e-mail with your e-mail address I will send you one it is approximatley 13mb - 138 pages in Pdf format .
  15. if the engine runs lean it will pick up speed as well - check for dirt in the petcoks and the carbies
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