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  1. Solly, The numbers you see in the tariff schedules are a holdover from the Smoot - Hawley tariffs of the depression. Column 1 refers to merchandise from countries exempted from the 1930 tariff. They are listed as Most Favored Nations, a list that includes most countries. General is the MFN tariff rate. Special is the tariff rate for merchandise covered by special trade agreements such as GSP, NAFTA, etc. Column 2 rates are the vestiges of the 1930 tariff. These are reserved for countries we disapprove of. North Korea comes to mind. The Harmonized Tariff Schedules are created by the International Trade Comission from legislation created by Congress. Customs merely administers HTS as they are the ones who actually see the imported cargo. Macdonald
  2. All, Does anybody have any experience with a product from Tubliss which promises to make a tube tire on a spoked wheel into a tubeless tire? http://www.tubliss.com/ Macdonald
  3. FYI, Carla King will be back on a Ural, riding from Austria to Morocco. I can't wait for the book. http://carlaking.typepad.com/weblog/2009/0...-on-a-ural.html Macdonald
  4. Scotty, Welcome to The Foil. I found that my 2005 Ural came with an electrical system that made John Lucas' creations seem positively reliable in comparison. The wiring harness and ignition that appeared in 2006 is well worth the money and hassle to install. Macdonald
  5. Aether, Almost. Adamson's Susquehanna Cycle will be there from Red Lion, PA. Although Adamson's is no longer a dealer in new Urals it still deals in parts and service. The company also deals in used Urals. The closest full service Ural dealer to Annapolis is Velocity Cycle in Richmond, VA. They show up at the Cycle World show in DC but I don't think they have ever come to the Timonium show. Macdonald
  6. If any of the Cold War vets ask about the Commie Bike, just smile and say, "Spoils of war. We won." Macdonald
  7. Mark, I suggest you leave the leg guards on. Neither your legs nor your cylinders will overheat. Macdonald
  8. Nicely done tooling. If the logo is going to be put on any quantity of commercial products I suggest somebody touch base with Glenn Hamilton. If memory serves me correctly it's his design. Macdonald
  9. All, Those of you who would like to see a nice photograph of PegaLeg Pete's shop in Bridgeton, Maine, with his Gear Up parked outside, need only go to the current - April 08 - issue of Road Runner magazine. The front cover touts an article on, "Wild and Beautiful Maine." Ricky's Diner in Bridgeton got the column inches on page 65. Pete's shop and rig got the photograph on page 66. Road Runner has the photo on line. http://www.roadrunner.travel/gallery-6483.php Nice place. Macdonald
  10. Bob, The Retro, having 18 inch tires, sits a bit lower to the ground than the Patrol with 19 inch tires. The seat on the Retro is more softly sprung. The gas tank is a slightly different shape. Riding comfort is subjective so the best thing I can suggest is that you sit on the retro then sit on any of the other bikes with both the tractor seats and the other seats. It'll be fairly easy to tell which one you like. At 5' 11" I find that I just can not get comfortable on the Retro but fit well on the Patrol with tractor seats. And, yes, tractor seats are an acquired taste. Hope this helps. Macdonald
  11. Charlie, Try reporting this clown - sorry, poor choice of words - to the Federal Trade Commission. They have a section that deals with internet spam. All you need to do is forward his emails to the FTC. Here is their email address. spam@uce.gov Macdonald
  12. For a blank pedestrian slicer try Wagner's Cycle in Arkansas. http://www.wagnerscycle.com/parts/ Macdonald
  13. All, In March 2006 members of the Westboro Baptist Church picketed the Westminter, MD funeral of Lance Corporal Matthew Snyder. Corporal Snyder's father has sued the church. The trial is being held in the U.S. District Court in Baltimore. It is the first individual lawsuit against Westboro Baptist. For those of you who wish to follow the trial I suggest the web site of the Baltimore Sun - http://www.baltimoresun.com/. Search for Westboro Baptist for a list of articles on the funeral and the trial. Macdonald
  14. Does anybody know the recidivism rate for Sheriff Arpaio's inmates? Macdonald
  15. All, The US Ural website seems to have gone missing. The Russian Ural web site seems to work quite well. Is it just me? Macdonald
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