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    Took my son to the Chicago Motorcycle Show so he can look at the Harleys (he's going to school to be a Harley Mechanic) and get some bike info for himself. Saw the Urals and fell in love with the retro look and simplicity of them.

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  1. Just curious, as I'm pre-planning a summer road trip- Chicago to Georgia (the US one ) to Eastern Front er, Shore, Va. I'm thinking of being up that way to see the in-laws, and there's a rally in Parksley mid-August that looks like fun, and I haven't seen the family there for a bunch of years, and it's about time. For routing the Bay Bridge-Tunnel looks preferable to going up to either DC or Baltimore but I've done the B-T twice in a cage, and got pretty wind-blown, fighting the SUV every time we were out in the sun. So- has anyone from the area done the Bridge-tunnel? Anything to be really worried about? Safety issues? How to NOT be so wind-affected? Alternative auto transport ferry from one side to the other? Thanks in advance, vic in chicagoland
  2. There's another Uralisti in Chicago???? What kind of rig was it, did you notice? Not many in the city area; Me up North, ChicagoRandy out near Midway, FencerMatt (not sure if he still has his rig or not) and a few more in the further western suburbs. If there's any others, I haven't seen them on any of the message boards. Either way, I was out Tuesday for a few hours up North, but missed out on the best two days this week because I overdid it (against medical advice) and am paying for it until maybe Thurs or Fri. Vic in Evanston, 05 Gear Up
  3. Shawn at Ural Chicago has treated me well the times I've had my rig in the shop. If you're just looking for parts, there's a rig being parted out on the mothership board http://imzwa.secureforum.com look in classifieds for "1996 Ural Tourist for parts" vic in Evanston
  4. I use a set of fleece-lined ATV/Snowmobile mitts (Fleet Farm specials @ $15) with a pair of thin spandex driving gloves (Totes brand about $25). Kept the fingers toasty warm down to about 30F at 50mph. Any lower and I might be tempted to toss in one of those instant heat packets- the mitts have pocket warmer pocket in each side. I've seen the same or similar mitts at most of the AutoMegaMarts and ATV shops within about $5 of what I paid a couple of years ago. You need to take off the mirrors, slit a hole into the mitt, heat-seal it, and replace the mirrors. My biggest problem with winter riding has been the wind chilling the thighs and shins. Even with the guards, my lower legs get frozen fast. Found a set of Swiss Mil Surplus gaiters for cheap that will insulate and stop the wind chill on the shins. Still looking for the right solution (inexpensive lap robe) to keep the upper legs warm. vic
  5. My Gear Up has a "rated" dry weight of about 850lbs, but with a trunk full of the usual junk I tote around it has a REAL dry weight of just a hair under 1000 pounds. Add in the 100 or so pounds of not-so-usual stuff that gets stowed in the hack whilst trailering, a crate full of fluids and other junk tossed on, straps, extra ramps, etc... the little things all add up fast. Don't forget to include weight of any ballast you might add. 5 by 8 is a good MINIMUM size- driving on without guides and stops might be amusing. I've already dinged up my little 5x8 trailer by being a little enthusiastic driving the rig onto it (no videos, sorry). I don't know that I'd trust the little wheels on swivels at highway speeds, but the base idea looks interesting for short-haul around the city tows.
  6. In my completely unscientific tests, milage went up after getting rid of the sidecar windscreen. Maybe 2 or 3 mpg. When I took off the bike windscreen milage again went up, maybe about 5 mpg. Dropped by about the same 5mpg when I put back the bikes screen as I cannot ride without it. Still have the sidecar windshield, but it's hanging off a peg in the basement. I don't usually carry anyone, so no issue with a regular monkey, and my son just puts on the "AfrikaKorps" goggles, and lets the wind do what it will. IF I really need it, it's just a 5 minute job tossing it back on. Mostly short runs, urban driving 40-45 mph, and I'm NOT a little person, so the bike does carry a bit of weight. Top speed (not downhill or on a trailer) I've gotten has been about 55 sustained, with a little extra throttle, and that was with the bike screen on. Unscientific guess... with a weighted down bike, no windscreens maybe 35 mpgs. With bike screen about 30. Hope this helps, vic
  7. I was going through my son's collection of BMW manuals from school (he's a certified BMW Tech from MMI), and between us couldn't see many places where it's specific enough to be useful. As a general guide, I supose any shop manual for almost any brand would work as a jump-off spot.... sort of the if it's doing THIS, look at THAT... trouble shooting list. Other than that, he said the collection of BMW paper would make good ballast. There's an online "unofficial" shop manual, I think it's in the links section or look in some of the other wrenching threads.
  8. Why is it almost always the brats with stick fingers that get into the hack, or play with the grips and windscreen. Had a couple of them climbing all over my Gear Up outside a Culver's (ice cream and heart-attack burgers) in Northern Wisc. Drippy cone in one hand and drool over everything. I don't have a DI voice, but have been told that my 'Range Officer' voice makes DI's homesick. Had the manager call the local cops for attempted theft of a vehicle before I went outside to let the parent know how displeased I was, in similar words to pigdog's. I think I used the phrase crotch-fruit, though. Parent tried to leave, but I let them know the cops were on the way and it might be not-so-good leaving the scene of an attempted theft. Parent got off with a warning and had to clean the goo off the rig, brats got a lesson in manners, and Mr Occifer and I got to talking- he had a hack rig in his younger days and asked to take the Gearup for a spin around the block. A little UDF, a butter burger, raspberry smoothie, and making a LEO happy. Almost worth the drooly brats in the first place vic
  9. I dunno there emag... they're a whole lot cuter than most of the Ural wrenches I've seen. Somewhere i've got a pic of my son about the same age helping with some home repairs. Can't beat the memories and time spent together.
  10. vradin


    AAAAARRRRGGGGGGGGGhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....... Figures. Just as I'm packing to leave for the summer, and can't do it. That would have made a great first bike for my son and a nice graduation giftie. That seems to be a good price, and I'm sure it won't last the summer until I get back :mad: and I probably shouldn't just buy him a bike without him trying it on to see if his legs aren't too long for it (he's 6'3" and rail-thin). Randy- if you don't have any buyers from here, try chicago.craigslist.org You could probably ask a bit over 1k and "settle" for a little less
  11. Nice review and video, thanks for the link.
  12. These are great links, thanks.Bookmarked and already passed along on another forum for someone looking for ATV and off-roading in Ohio. Little ripples, ya know?
  13. Just a little TMI... didn't need THAT mental image this early (or ever, thankyouverymuch). Would someone please pass the brain bleach. OK, seriously- POLO SHIRT ! ! ! ! ! ! In black so the grease doesn't show. (neither will food stains, but that's a bonus) I'd even take blue, dark green, blood red... anything but white. Small RIMC logo on the front left side, about the size of Charlie's small patch (4"). It's not because I neeed them for work or anything- I'm being terribly selfish, as I can't wear shirts that come up to neck level- they cover the gills, ya know..
  14. Right now I've got a couple of old T-shirts (rags) on the bottom to prevent dings and wick moisture away from the tub, seems to be working for the last year. Ural tool rolls and small spares are in a toolbox, with extra tools, and I also carry the el-cheapo auto kit from the partsmegamart for sockets and other stuff.There's also a couple of towels in there to cushion the rest of the junk from getting too carried away. Sometime this summer I'll use up that can of plastidip & grip and paint on a thin layer in the trunk when I get around to moving the stock gas can and adding the 3 ammo boxes, a 5-gallon fuel can, and rifle scabbard mounts. Now if I could only figure out the best location to mount the box my blackpowder lives in...
  15. Sure, Kermi... that's OK for you lightweight guys, but what about us horizontally enhanced individuals We need that counter-balance or we'll make like the little laugh in guy and fall right over. Yup- tools, spares, fuel, oils, other stuff... plus a canvas rain cover. Plenty of room for potential monkey babe, or (more likely) camping gear. I started out with a dealer suggested 2 big bags of pea gravel, and the rig still felt like it was tipping over to the left. Then I readjusted the lean for ME. Set it so it was about 1* out whilst I was sitting on the bike, or about 5-8* IN when empty. Now it tracks like a charm, no falling over feeling, and better wear patterns on the tires. Moved the pea gravel to the garden, and made all sorts of extra room for fishing gear in there.
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