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  1. Flathead Chang in Maine. 5,500 OBO.
  2. I want a new set of shocks for the Chang!..................O NO the Chang doesn't have any shocks!!!!!!
  3. Get one with a bad engine and put a Chang flathead in it!!!!
  4. This is also a classic symptom of a bad coil. According to your description I would bet on the coil rather then fuel. Chris
  5. Dnepr, Chang and older Ural clutches are all interchangeable. Chris
  6. It looks like the rear "bell housing" was cut off an old Russian or CJ engine and mounted on the V twin. It still has the old style engine oil fill hole. Most likely Russian, it has a bottle cap rear wheel and it looks like a Dnepr front wheel.
  7. Tom Another thing to consider is the sidecar wheel. It is further back on the 2wd and you will need to still use the stub axle in the 2wd swing arm. You may want to find someone who wants to trade. All your 2wd components, including sidecar frame, for 1wd components. Just so you know my friend has a spare 2wd rear end that should fit your bike. Chris
  8. What is different? I thought all Ural Dnepr and CJ rear gears where interchangeable. The MT16 has to have space for a differential in the middle so it's dimensions are different. Good to know, Thanks Chris
  9. What is different? I thought all Ural Dnepr and CJ rear gears where interchangeable.
  10. Give him this link. Never got above 25f all weekend. http://www.sovietsteeds.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=20561&hilit=+NORTHEAST+WINTER+CAMP Chris
  11. Thanks Alecu, I was not 100% sure. Not often I have seen moving pictures on something close to an German army R71 (and in color!!!)... I have a hard time just finding b/w pictures of them... that is because the R71 was never made for the military. Some where pressed into service. The military used R12's more then any other BMW. Less then 4,000 R71's where made, all for civilian use, but close to 40,000 R12's where made, mostly for the military. Chris
  12. Look at this link. They are 24mm. http://www.goodkarmaproductions.com/HTML/PDF/Part_3-_K-38_Carburetor.pdf
  13. What are you going to use them on? what size are they? 24mm? 26mm? 28mm? Chris
  14. I can see it is a shaft drive over head cam but does anyone know if it is a RENNSPORT KOMPRESSOR? Chris
  15. The 2 Dneper's, 3 Changs and all the Urals I have worked on are all left hand.
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