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  1. I am sure that that is an M66 frame, and not an M67. The frame is more robust and has a taper towards the rear. An M67 has a more modern, horizontal tube construction which seems to be more "delicate" Tank looks a lot newer though. An M66 tank would either be a treardrop shape, or this type, but with an off white rubber band hiding the seam instead of a black one seen here. Bill
  2. I have a running, titled m66 for sale with a later 12 volt motor and reverse transmission. Will include a later tear drop tank and extra bottlecap wheels. More information and photos can be found on the Soviet Steeds website, Black Market section. Asking $3,000.00 Bill
  3. Perfectly normal for the left cylinder head to run as much as 30 degrees hotter then the right. That's why there is a separate oil supply running off the main gallery to the left side just for the left bore. Same with earlier BMWs, up to the late 1950's. It all has to do with oil spray from the rotating crank. Just make sure if you pull the left jug you don't cover the oil outlet with the new gasket. Also, if memory serves right, there may have been a field modification about drilling 3 holes in the left piston skirt ro allow excess oil to further lubricate the bore. Of course, if you do that, the pistons would be out of balance. You need to further research that mod.
  4. Ok Jim, I took the head off the left side cylinder, and, wouldn't you know? The arrow on that side is pointing towards the front. Go figure. Bill
  5. Well, I'm at a loss. Are these k301 or 302 carbs? The picture on the left shows the idling adjustment (that's the screw sticking downward at an angle) That pushes up on the slide, which raises the needle. The screw directly under it controls the air mixture.The third screw, to the right of the others shouldn't have a spring on it. It should be screwed all the way in, at least, on my pz28 it is. I wish you had a photo of the whole carb so we can get a better look at it. Bill
  6. I was informed that Ferodo MZ41 was a good, preferred linning material used in the old car hobby. It was hard to get, but I used them on my m66. I had them bonded, rather then revited; I felt it would increase the swept area because there wouldn't be any holes drilled in the linnings. Bill
  7. Hello all! So, I picked up a running mt 11 motor to install in an mt 16. To be on the safe side, I mounted the motor on an engine stand and removed the sump, heads and, so far, the right side jug. As I cleaned the top of the piston, I came across an arrow. It's pointing to the rear, or the gearbox end of the motor. Shouldn't it be pointed towards the front? Inquiring minds want to know. Bill
  8. Hey guys! I have a cj750 M1M which has been sitting in my garage for a number of years. It's a 12 volt, negative ground machine with a single coil with dual outlets for the sparkplugs, although in this case, the spark plug leads come out of either end of the coil, I've never seen a coil of this design before. Anyway, while trying to set the gap and dwell angle of the points, I discovered that I had continuity across the points gap while they were open, which would lead me to believe that I have a short. I traced the continuity to the coil. I shouldn't have continuity between the secondary terminal and the ground, right? Also, I discovered that the positive terminal on the coil is connected to the points. From what I can see on the internet, it's the negative terminal that is supposed to be connected to the points and the positive terminal connected to the lamp relay and ignition switch. Does this sound right or am I completely wrong here? Bill F
  9. Agh! Tough one, I very recently picked up a Dnepr sidecar real cheap ($500.00!) Which I plan on using for an old BMW. I have a loop frame but the wrong tub. Do you have a ballpark figure for both sidecars? Also, are you going to restore the M72? Love m72s, some day they're going to do a Horders, Buried Alive episode on me, where they uncover a house and yard full of M72s, Dnepr, Urals, Changs, Alfas etc. and wonder what kind of nut they've found. Bill
  10. Dale, I am at a complete loss to explain the German stamp on an otherwise Russian m72 loop frame. The loop frame is purely a Russian design, however, the Germans did reuse captured equipment all the time, even going so far as giving it an official identification classification. So, who really knows? As for the other sidecar, it appears to be the post war reintroduction of the torsion bar suspension system from about 1954-on. Interestingly enough, Old Timers Garage in Poland sells replacement axles for the early WWII torsion bar system, the mid war to post war loop frame system and the reintroduced post war torsion bar system. What are you planning on doing with them?
  11. Dale, could you post or send me a photo of the complete sidecar frame? I want to get a better idea of what you have. Bill
  12. Dale, got the pictures, thanks. I can't figure out how to upload them to this site either. I get an error message saying I'm not allowed to upload this type of file. Anywhay, I looked at the images and I suspect that someone, somewhere along the line tried to pull a fast one and pass this bike off as a BMW R71. The frame is clearly an M72M, pretty low number, only 5 digits, mine has 6 digits. The gussets are the give away - they are small, rounded, very much like the gussets on a Chang frame only a Chang frame would have the upper frame tube all the same diameter. This one has a subtle taper which marks it as an M72 series. A BMW would also have this same taper. I don't know how they got a hold of it, but someone has partially stamped an eagle holding a swastika just to the left of the serial number. If it weren't for the gussets, it would have fooled me into thinking that it was a genuine WWII German frame. Another interesting observation is that this frame has a Chang Jiang final drive. BMW final drives, and M72 final drives do not have any strengthing gussets molded into the cover of the final drive. M72Ms have one, just above where the axle comes through. Changs have 2, one above the axle, one below the axle, just like yours. Also, your frame has an M72 through M72M rear fender support - it has a nice curve on the bottom where it attaches to the rear spring. Changs would have a straight support at the lower attachment. So I guess that your bike is built up of several bikes, M72M and Chang mostly. I would like to see some more photos of the rest of the machine. Bill
  13. I had the same problem when I tried to post on the Soviet Steeds site. I had to have someone repost my photos. I've never tried to post on the Russian iron site. Here's my email: willyrf55@hotmail.com send them to me and I'll see if I can repost. Bill
  14. http://www.ebay.com/itm/1972-cj-750-chang-jiang-sidecar-/262162099400?hash=item3d0a142cc8:g:cXUAAOSwp5JWV2qP&vxp=mtr#ht_132wt_868 JD, will this help? It's a sidecar from a Chang Jiang: Bill
  15. Too nippy for a nipper, I'm a guessing.
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