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  1. Come on down and get your bike dirty. Our main activity is trail rideing. We'll be at the Brendan T. Byrne State Forest formerly Lebanon State forest in Pemberton NJ. 35,000 acreas of fun in the sand with another 25,000 acres of the Green Wood tract across the street. You don't need specail equipmment the standard Duros on a tourist will be just fine. A knobby on the driver helps alot. 2wd is not needed. If someone gets stuck we go "Hey 2wd Guy, get over here and hook up a tow strap." We have coffee in the camp ground. Go out for breafast in a diner. Ride all day. Do not leave the trail for lunch, bring a sandwich. Go out for diner in a diner or maybe a bar and grill. then relax aroud the camp fire. That's Saturday. Friday and Sunday are more casual. The area is flat and sandy with some water crossings. I think the high point is 90 ft above sea level. There are no rocks. Realy no rocks, I forgot a hammer once and had to pound in my tent stakes with my boot. Pick a site around bath house "A "if you are making reservations. One of our regulars has already taken a dog friendly site 17-32. "Dog friendly" area watch you step. There are Yurts avalable, a glorfied tent with a wooden floor and bunk beds, get a reservation if you want one of those. You could just come down and pick a site near the other Ural guys and avoid the extra 10 bucks for the F'n privateised resevation fee.
  2. Unfortunatly the Ghost Rider dose not ride a Ural. In the opening sequence there is a character named Monreau that rides a Ural Solo and is involved in a high speed chase. They dubbed the Ural to sound like a sport bike. Monreau gets his tires shot out and goes off a cliff, landing in a shrub like Sarge in Beetle Baily. He shows up latter riding the same bike. Ural off a cliff, no problem. Dust that off and go.
  3. The CGI was great. Taking one old real plane and making it into 4 slightly out of since in time counts as CGI and they did do a fair shair of that. I've seen stunt planes do that trick in the trailer. With a 70 year old plane that has cost millions to rebuild nobody is going to do that. When they were new and there thousands of them I bet some 20 year old pilots would do that. P-51's did take out alot more Me-262's than they should have on paper. A P-51 can do about 440 maybe 460 in level flight. An Me-262 can do about 540. But if the P-51 gets ahead and dives on the 262. The Tuskegee Airmen are credited with destroying 2 Me-262's on the same day. That being said the reviewers were right. The rest of the movie is like reading every other chapter in the middle of a book to concentrate on the action and the important pionts. It dose not realy stick together as a story. Dosen't have the narative.
  4. Not quiet fallowing you there Big James. Not finding files to the left. Are you related to Big Larry McClure?

    Red Tails

    This opens next week on the 20th. George Lucas says this is the closest to Star Wars 7 you are going to see. It's an action movie with lots of high quality cgi airial combat. A portion of the proceeds goes to the Tuskeegee Airmen retirment fund. I am a big fan of the Tuskeegee Airmen. Here is a picture of Eugene Richardson and John L. Harrison that I had the privilage of shaking hands with.
  6. This guy was working out how to fit a weedwacker motor to it for his kid.
  7. The Siberian Speed Team was a one time only event. They set the speed record for 650 push rod motorcycles at 114mph. Taking the record away from Triumph and doing it with a sidecar attached so they were compeating against 2 wheelers. Robbie Moore, who used to run SpiTS, set the record. Steve Jackson (he started FART) gave me a patch from the team that I proudly were on my jacket. Steve only managed to wind the rig up to 104. Last I hear the world record holding rig was sitting in a garage in Redmond Washington waiting for an honorable place to display.
  8. That's Ridiculous. The farmer should owe you for damage to your vehical for letting his flipping pig get in the road. If your going to have to pay $150 for a pig you should get that pig for BBQ.
  9. I am sorry for your county's loss. I hope the actions of a madman do not turn this into a political discussion.
  10. Come on down and get your bike dirty! The Fall Jersey Devil Hunt will be Sept. 9-11 at the atsion campground in Wharton State Forest, 110,000 acres of fun in the sand. This is an informal ralley. Our main activity is trail riding. A knobby or 2wd helps but you don't realy need it. We eat out in diners. Keep the beer hiden around the camp fire, we are in a state park and you can get a hefty fine if they are hard nosed about it. Sheduel if you can call it that. Friday people start showing up in the early afternoon, early arrivals usually go for a trail ride. In the evening we go out for dinner then have beer around the campfire. Satuday coffee in the campground, leave for breakfast 9ish, have a big breakfast then go trail riding. Most of the time we don't stop for lunch. Bring snacks or a sandwich if you think you'll want something before dinner. We ride util late afternoonish. regroup at the campground and go out to dinner. followed by campfire. Sunday those that don't leave early usualy repeat satuday schedual untill the early afternoon.
  11. I bought this battery charger last year. I think I used it twice. Now as soon as I attach it the indicator light says Charged. The battery was reading 10.2 volts. Touching the multitester to the incoming charger reads 13.3 volts so it's actually charging something. After a couple of hours I'm up to 11.4 volts one the battery. It is charging but I cannot trust the automatic shut off. I called thier customer service line. Pressed 3 for "Technical Support". All they were interested in was did I have a reciept. This is not a technical support line. They only do returns and don't know squat. The Charger is a SCHUMACHER SEM-1562A 6V-12V 1.5amp Slow Charge. I give the charger a 1 out of 10 because it worked per directions the first time and seems to still be charging even though the indicator lighs say otherwise. I give their "Technical Support" a big fat ZERO out of 10. It is a lie to call them technical support.
  12. There is a high probability that I'm coming. Both my bikes need a little sorting out. I'll probably have both going this weekend. Either way I'll be trucking one of them if it's running. I'm bowing out on the ride in. I wish I could, Skyline Drive and the Blue Ridge parkway is the best riding ever invented. I don't trust the Tourist enough for a 600 mile each way ride after new camshaft and timing gears plus a Sert I'm putting in this weekend and the Solo has no carring capasity.
  13. I had the privilage of shoot video frome Bob's side car ad the JD hunt 3 weeks ago. Here is Bob attempting to mak a hill with me weighing him down. Here is Bob making it up that hill after I got out. He is riding a 96 Tourist with to original 650 motor. He and his son rebuilt that motor in a weekend after he blew a main bering last year.
  14. Bob Midgley also known as Sparta Bob has passed on. Bob was a regular at the Jersey Devil Hunts and the RonDeeVoo. He rode most of the way to last years CRAP with us when his Bike broke down. He had it fixed in 2 weeks. Funneral services will be held monday june 6 at; Goble Funneral home 22 Main St Sparta NJ viewing 9:30 to 11 services 11 to 11:30 then drive to the cemitary Simpathy cards and condolences can be sent to 75 Summit Rd Sparta NJ 07871 Bob was a long time rider an an accet to the Russian motorcycle community. He will be missed. I have lost a real friend.
  15. I drank with the Anachist Motorcycle club in Irbit Siberia. They all signed a Russian flag and gave it to me. They seemed like a bunch of fun loving kids that liked the idea of no rules. I don't think they would like this manifesto you attached. This seems more like what that bum Thoreau or the Libertarians would be all in favor of.
  16. We are going to Turtle Run this year. Sorry for the short notice. Scott got it down to 10 bucks a head plus 10 for a deposit on the gate pass so you don't forget to give it back. http://www.turtleruncampground.com/rates.htm
  17. THE LOCATION HAS CHANGED!!! The Atsion Campgroud closed for renovations because they got new Federal funding and canceled out reservations. We will probably go to Turtle Run. A private campgrond near the park. A scouting party is reconoitering the place tommorow to see if it is suitable. Worst case scenario we'll end up at Paradise Lake. If we end up there pack toilet paper and beware the electic showers.
  18. That's kind of funny. When I registered my bike in Michigan, I ended up getting a title for a 1980 Owen. I don't know how the hell they screwed that up since I was transferring from an existing title, but I never pursued getting it corrected. What's an Owen?
  19. Come on down and get your bike dirty. The main activity of this rally is offroad riding. We'll be at the Atsion campground in Wharton state forest. 110,000 acres of fun in the sand. The riding is not overly challanging. It's mostly flat and sandy with some puddles and water crossings. We go out to diners for breakfast and dinner. Most of the time we don't make it off the trails for lunch so bring snacks or a sandwich and water. You are not supposed to drink in the campground so hide the beer. The Jersey Devil is a legendary creature that has been roaming the pinebarrens since 1745. It's 4 to 6 feet tall, has the head of a camel and the tail of a lion or gator, walks on 2 leggs and flies with leathery wings like a bat. We been looking for him for years. Since we are going on friday the 13'th this time our chances should be greatly improved of seeing him.
  20. John, It seems like this has become your symbol for your rally. It's about the max a patch or stick can take and be ledgable. If you start adding clubs I know 4 or 5 that would like to be included and it would get to be too much.
  21. Planning on riding in I hope, with group of 5 I think. Scott, Bob, JD, Mike, mabey Rich and the other Mike, and who ever else we can gather up before then. Dave and Joe are making thier own way down.
  22. What?! You mean that tank that happens to be a Ural tank with a matt paint job?!? Ural spare prices suddenly seem reasonable! The air filter is in the toolbox. Custom but still seems a bit much to me.
  23. Sorry for your loss Mike. I tripped over Hector at the 07 CURD rally and I still have the print of Angie's water color of you and Hector. Ken
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