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  1. A onesie is in progress. Hope we will have it up soon! Can't have little ones not having their own Russian Iron gear!
  2. First time I have been able to get in too! Thank goodness for John's great skills in getting us back online!
  3. Too bad - Black Mountain is gorgeous in the fall. Maybe 2021 will be better.
  4. I suggest not opening the trunk when there is a passenger in the sidecar...ouch!
  5. It's awfully quiet out there! In view of the current health situation, I hope everyone is OK. Hope y'all can touch base with us to let us know you are well and safe!
  6. You can find it here: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/video-downloadhelper/ Hope it works for you!
  7. Exactly. He knows his stuff about motorcycles. Knowledge is a good thing, sharing it is even better.
  8. It was not what I wanted to do. I had sent Peter a PM and let him know that personal attacks were not permitted about two weeks ago, and I had deleted the message that he posted (maybe I shouldn't have). To reiterate, it's ok to post that "that's the stupidest message ever." It is NOT ok to post, "and you're stupid/ignorant/crazy/etc. for posting it."
  9. Peter Williams has been suspended for the next seven days due to personal attacks and spreading falsehoods about another member. Peter, we hope to see you again next week. Please be advised that if this trend continues, you may be subject to a permanent ban.
  10. Bumping to remind anyone planning to come that October is leaf season in western NC. You may want to make your reservations soon!
  11. Peter and Vance, back it down a little. If you have issues, take it to PM. Russ, thanks for your sane and kind response
  12. Welcome back, Bob! and thanks for pointing me in the right direction, racepres! The software does allow merging multiple accounts for the same member, so if anyone else has this issue, please let me know.
  13. Not at all! It can happen to anyone! (don't ask me how I know that... ) PS. Congrats on the retirement!
  14. Bob, we can't see your password. All I can recommend is that you log out and try to log back in with one of your previous usernames and the "I've forgotten my password" link. You should receive an email to help you log back in. If you have changed your email address, there may still be a problem.
  15. Here's Fredda and the rest of the SST at Bonneville. In the back, Grant and Steve; in the front, Phoenix (the bike), Fredda and Aubrey. She will be deeply missed.
  16. First, click the "Gallery" link, and click "Upload" in the upper right of the Gallery page. On the Upload page, click "Select Category" on the lower right to list the basic folders. Select the folder by clicking "Select Category" to the right of the title. On your chosen category page, use the "Browse" button to locate the picture you want to upload, and click the "Upload" link to the right of the Browse box. This should upload your picture - if not, let me know!
  17. You might check some of the links on our Links page in the Miscellaneous section. http://www.russianiron.com/links%20old.htm
  18. Welcome back! We hope you find the bike of your dreams!
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