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  1. If the starter/alternator reman company I worked for was still around, it might be fun to see what they could reverse engineer out of it. I took the pieces of one in to get some info, and the consensus after a quick analysis was that the armature was Bosch and the rotor was Denso. The guesses were that its application was either agricultural or marine. Their belief was that the designers had taken the best from both manufacturers, but the problem was that the rotor alloy was not top quality and tended to bend JUST a little bit. When it reached that point, the rotor would bind up, and bye-bye alternator and maybe bye-bye engine.
  2. Exactly! You don't know how depressing it is to see your engine case start to crack because the alternator seized.
  3. But if you have a reliable system, you don't have to carry a spare. Speaking as someone who had an overloaded trunk for quite a few years.
  4. You conjure up an interesting picture, Russ. I'd like to see a spark pug.
  5. I've known that computers don't speak English since my father (the programmer), who had dozens of different computer language textbooks around the house (Algol, Fortran, Cobol, others I have forgotten) told me that when I was 10 or 11 years old. The issue here is that I don't speak computer, and I DON'T CARE, just so they work, and there is someone like John who can fix the problems when/if they happen Thanks, John!!
  6. I have no idea what you just said but what's important is that we are back!! I was kinda worried that the sanctions against Russia kinda spilled over into anything with Russia in the title (not really).
  7. Wow! Thanks for all the prayers and kind words, but where has this post been lurking???? My focus today (03-04-22) is not on me but getting the invaders out of Ukraine and hoping for safety for the Russian people who have been dragged into this mess. Life has certainly changed since 01-14-21. I'm mostly back to normal, driving again, seeing better than I have since I was 10 (I had cataract surgery). Even had a couple of short road trips. I did get rid of one doctor (rehab) due to much improvement and much skill by my therapists. I'd like to get rid of one more - maybe in a few months. We shall see. Anyway, thanks for your support and good thoughts - I know they have helped!!
  8. A onesie is in progress. Hope we will have it up soon! Can't have little ones not having their own Russian Iron gear!
  9. First time I have been able to get in too! Thank goodness for John's great skills in getting us back online!
  10. Too bad - Black Mountain is gorgeous in the fall. Maybe 2021 will be better.
  11. I suggest not opening the trunk when there is a passenger in the sidecar...ouch!
  12. It's awfully quiet out there! In view of the current health situation, I hope everyone is OK. Hope y'all can touch base with us to let us know you are well and safe!
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