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    2004 patrol last of the olive green
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    I am working on building my stable of rides. I have a GS, a CR and now a Patrol. I ride year round, average around 14,000 miles a year. I do not own a registered cage.

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  1. I have around 1500kms on them or more. I think they will last till around 3000kms or 3500kms. I was hoping 6 -7000kms.
  2. :thumbsup!: I hope you ripped them up and down. I am always amazed at the audacity of people who do not ride, own motorcycles that think that they are jungle gyms or public property for their snot nosed, poor mannered puppies to crawl all over. Or they start touching the bike, I always come up and ask if it would be okay if I crawled all over their car. They usually act offended and shocked, then act all indignant. People are Crap.
  3. I am currently running the Kendas, unfortuantely I did not get to use them off road as much as I would have liked. I think they wear pretty fast though, if you use them on road a lot. If they would have been $35 a pop I don't think I would mind, but they were more in the area of $80 a pop. If I rode off road exclusively I would go with the Kendas or the try the Dunlops you are thinking about, but I tend to be on pavement more so I think I will be buying the new Hindras or whatever the new dual sport tires are for the Ural. Good luck with the Dunlops and make sure you do a write up on them after you put some KMs on them.
  4. I bought my rig from Ural Northwest in Washington. They shipped the bike to my door(for a cost, still cheaper than if I bought in State) and were helpful when I needed warranty parts. Some people like to be able to take their rig to the dealer and have that kind of support. That was not a real issue for me, so I went a different route. I hope you find a good dealer, I think it sucks that there is not one in SA or Austin.
  5. I have bought a bunch of tools at Harbor Freight. I especially buy tools there that I only use once in a while like my 12" compound sliding miter saw, couldn't be beat for $180.00. But I digress, I have had tools break that I bought from H.F. I bought the plastic clamps with the triggers and they kept breaking when I used them. I took them back, got my refund and bought a battery operated rotarty tool. This weekend I bought the propane torch, I always buy something when I go in, that is why I only buy things with cash at H.F. otherwise I would be in debt.
  6. I'm going and will be camping at Lukenbach. My wife is coming too, which is good cause I like when we go places together. We are going up on Friday. Hope to see you all there, look for the guy with texas plates and a Ural.
  7. If that was the case Congress would only have 2 people in session. Anyway, I understand your arguement, I am not happy with people who get to cut in line on the way to financial success. But typically these people get the rug yanked out from under them. Unless they are extremely, wealthy then our country has special rules for them( Kenneth Lay would be an example). Our system encourages poor behavior on the part of the individual and businesses. Our society glorifies bad behavior, take for example Survior, the winner is the biggest scumbag and the viewers can't get enough of the show. I don't view my not condoning one to gloat in others misery as being a "softie". I might have made mistakes in my life, but I have always been responsible for my choices good or bad. My wife and I are currently on the Total Money Makeover, that Dave Ramsey wrote and since Feburary have paid off $15.000.00 in debt. We own a very modest home and putting our house in order. You sir have nothing to do with bailing my family out.
  8. I think it is sad that you find joy in others misfortunes. Whether they be self inflicted or not, to find pleasure in others misfortunes is wrong.
  9. Ken there is definitely not a level playing field. Niether party will allow tough and honest questions to be asked. Today's politicians don't even have to be bright or quick witted, because the rallies are all staged and controlled to make them look the best. All our politicians do is generate cash for themselves and sell our country out to the highest bidder. I write letters, emails to my congressmen, the president and I get no real thoughtful response to my questions and concerns because I am working class and didn't give them Hundreds of thousands of dollars. I understand the young man getting upset and ranting. I am disgusted that political speech is being squashed unless it comes from the two main money generators and their paid mouthpieces. But can I fault Kerry personally? when this would happen at any of the rallies, speeches of a politician whether Republican or Democrat. This is how the handlers see to do business to get their whore elected. We as a nation have no one to blame for ourselves for what is happening to our civil liberties and the ideals of our country on our watch.
  10. :thumbsup!: Seems like one group is unhappy that the kid got tased and one is upset that he didn't get tased sooner. His time was up and he kept ranting when asked to step down he created a scene. Since we now live in a police state he was tased. I don't feel you would have a problem with it, if it happen at a Bush rally, but then again it is pretty hard to get near the president to openly critize him in public.
  11. So is anyone going to the Harvest Classic? I plan on going, I might even get my wife to come if anyone else is bringing their significant other. Is there any state parks to camp at around the rally? I don't mind a KOA, but I prefer giving my coin towards perserving our parks.
  12. :thumbsup!: I up for a meeting at the harvest classic. I live south of SA. I just am putting the finishing touches on my 10,000km service. I had to replace seals in the final drive, but it wasn't too bad of a job. My rig is a 2004 Patrol, aka Booger.
  13. okay, let me try to post a pic here is a k535 next to the stock tire
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