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  1. WELCOME HOME Bob ! . Retirement is great, you're going to be busier than ever I recon .
  2. Means I'll take a rig but not with the lever front fork . I'm still looking since march, so far none of the ones I've looked at have actually been for sale . I have ca$h in hand and want to ride it away, other than that I'm flexible .
  3. Presumably this sold ? . I'm curious to what it sold for . You never added a link to the sale .
  4. 3.16.18 It's time for me to get back in the saddle , I'd love to find a Retro or Solo sT but will yank the chair off any old combination rig if I have to . I'm in L.A.,Ca. and can travel some . No dreamers please ~ I have little $ but it's actual ca$h . No bikes in boxes either . TIA,
  5. VERY good to hear your hear is good enough to not need the device ! . PSA's are actually one of the very best diagnostic tools out there but it appears most Doctors only look at the #'s levels, no the amount of change which is the important part . Go read Snowbum's site on this ~ his self diagnosis using a change his Dr. said was insignificant, prolly saved his life . I hear you on the lack of fund$ thing ~ I'm close to poverty level right now but I'm also a (damn) Yankee Farm Boy so I learned to live within my means (no matter how meager) a long, long time ago so I think I'll make it O.K. . Mind your health ~ once it's gone little else is left .
  6. William ; Imagine how pleased I am to still be alive and riding ! . We've been getting serious rain this winter and i bought some new tarpaulins for my fleet of old Tiddlers, the '94 is under there too and as always whenever i'm under the trap, I depressed the starter pedal and was dismayed to find the engine stuck . I'll have to drag it out and see if Diesel fuel will soak the rings loose .
  7. Truth be told, I've not ridden my 650's in about two years now..... I miss my '94 terribly but it had such bad brakes I was seriously afraid of dying astride it..... The 750 Solo sT is just fine and dandy ~ I have to top up the gear box more often that I'd like but it runs and rides great :thumbsup!: .
  8. 1.15.2017 Vali ~ Are you still enjoying this rig ? . How are the chickens doing ? .
  9. ? Anyone making these for the late model 750's ? . I have a 2010 Solo sT and I'd like to add one...... TIA ,
  10. I was cleaning out my yahoo mail and discovered my original sign in info ~ wow TEN YEARS and I still have both 650 Solos and my 2010 Solo sT . How times flies .
  11. Still wondering what failed in the final drive........
  12. Sunstroke (original poster) ; Are you still riding this Moto ? . Curious as I avoid Flathead engines at all costs specifically because they don't like sustained high speed operation , a facet of Desert riding . FWIW , I ride Ural Solos and even my 650's when fitted with 3.90 ration final drives , were fine on the open highway ,the brakes were not overly good but the Moto rode just fine for many miles , yes i used fully synthetic oils and changed it often .
  13. Girded with my new gel solo seat cover , I took my trusty Solo sT out for a long ride and managed to run it completely out of fuel (oops,stupid me) , filling it up and checking revealed 47 MPG in mixed City and Highway/Mountain riding . I am well -leased , I don't recall my old 650 ever exceeding 32 MPG's and this 750 is *much* faster and more refined . Interestingly , the '94 handles *MUCH* better than does the 2010 .
  14. Final drive failure ? what failed ? . I think I'm beginning to feel vibration fom the final drive on my 2010 Solo sT..... FWIW , I never lost a crank on my 1994 Ural 650 , I make a point of never lugging it (Americans LOVE lugging engines in everything) , I have over speeded it willy - nilly . Agreed , it's prolly time to let the 650's fade away but they're fun little Motos as long as you understand to use them fairly gently . On one hand $3K for a cleal hack rig is cheap . On the other hand it's now a worthless orphan so I'd offer $1,500 and see what happens . If you can't make it run when you go to look at it , it's scrap , period , even if you're willing to bring it back to life .
  15. Well ; you're not allowed to receive any PM's and you don't have your E-mail address posted so how am I supposed to ask ? .
  16. Not sure why I wasn't made aware of your reply ? . All three of my Urals are Solos . My Son is a very competitive racer of Motos and cars , he stopped riding with me long ago . I did have a nice retirement day however =8-) .
  17. *VERY NICE* ! . I understand as i've been building oldies since the 1960's and often lose $ when selling but the satisfaction cannot be duplicated .
  18. Wow ~ this is beginning to look very pretty :thumbsup!: . I assume you are building this rig to sell when finished ? .
  19. I'm still here and have begun riding again , a little late this year but better Nate than Lever or something . I'm to retire Friday May 13th. and will ride my Ural that day . Sadly my Son hyper extended his leg at the Supermotoard Race and broke a bone so he won't be joining me =8-( . I think I'll head up The Angeles Crest Highway (Ca. Rt. 2) and have a bit to eat @ Newcomb's Ranch to celebrate . 32 years , whew ~ where did the time go ? . Time to watch my 3 Y.O. Grand Daughter and 8 month old Great GrandSon grow , she's already riding her own Moto .
  20. Please ; A photograph of the ignition coil mounted ? . TIA
  21. 4.24 Late to the party here but WELCOME HOME ken ! .
  22. Sorry I missed this event . I went on a different Memorial Ride to - day put on by the BSA Club . Any chance of a writeup and photos of your event ? .
  23. That hack frame looks pretty good now . Keep up the hard works and up dates please .
  24. Rats ~ I stopped visiting here a while back because of low traffic and now I've gone and missed a fun ride . I live in the L.A. metro area and anywhere I go , I'm the only Ural I ever see . I'll try to get back here more often so I can join you alls on rides .
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