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  1. Bought some land, and need a tractor.
  2. I'm selling my 2004 Ural Patrol. $7500 firm. 1402 Kilometers. The Bike is located in the Dallas TX area. The bike has lots of extras, including; Deep Sump Oil Pan Tachometer National Cycle Plexi II Windshield Manual Russian fuel Petcock (Installed) Vacum Petcock included Russian Electrical Master Cutoff Switch Oil, Transmission, and Final Drive Magnetic Drain Plugs 3 Russian and 3 EMGO Oil Filters Hack Windshield, Lower Fairings, and Back Fender Tractor Seat have never been used and are included. Carbs have been rejetted and exahusts have been opened up. All fluids have been changed twice. Valves have been adjusted twice. The bike runs great. Additional Photos available upon request. If interested, contact me at; rfbleich@yahoo.com 972-816-6175
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