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    I love Jesus Christ, motorcycles and the people that ride them. I am a local biker chaplain and perform weddings, memorial services and hospital visitations for bikers. I am a member and Chaplain of the Daytona Beach Chapter of ABATE and a member of Daytona Beach HOG.

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  1. Back up and running. Ivan spilled vodka on the server again....
  2. I am very reluctantly parting with one of my prized possessions, the one and only "Valentina Pezofshyt". I bought some property in North Carolina and could use the money, and I’ve decided to start minimizing all the stuff I have. I’ve decided to trim back to one Ural and will be keeping the Raven. Along with this rig comes an incredible amount of accessories and spare parts which should also clear space in the garage. I really love this rig and want it to go to a good home to someone that will appreciate and care for it the way I have, that is why I am offering it to the folks at Soviet Steeds and the Ural community before putting it on Cycle Trader or eBay. Valentina is a 1998-1/2 650 1WD Tourist that I have owned for almost 6 years. When I bought her, she was in rough shape, but over the years she has undergone quite a transformation. She recently won a first place trophy at the Daytona Bike Week Sidecar Day, against newer rigs including Red Octobers. If you’ve hung around Soviet Steeds or Russian Iron for any length of time, chances are you have seen the restoration, repair and trip reports I’ve posted over the years with this bike. Honestly, I have forgot most of the things I have done to or accessorized this bike so below may only be a partial list. Here’s the details on Valentina: - 1998-1/2 Ural 650 Tourist. 1998 was a transitional year for Urals. The 1998-1/2 models came with a separate alternator and electric starter, and the Type III ignition (as opposed to the early ’98 models which were either kickstart only or had that horrid Hitachi alternator/starter combo and maybe Type II ignitions) - Just over 18,000 kms on the odometer. - Custom US military desert tan paint scheme (I painted it myself – some orange peel and drips included at no extra charge) with most chrome blacked out (except shocks) - Bench seat and sidecar seat replaced with seats from my ’06 Raven and are in great shape (no tears or excessive wear) - Replaced original RPOC 35A alternator with a Denso alternator with Krytox-ed bearings ($600 value) - 3 new Cheng Shen tires with less than 1,000 kms on them. - Russian Knobby spare tire - Cylinder compression checked – 115psi on each side - Pekar K-68 carbs (I just rebuilt them with new factory jet kits) and Ken Ulrich “inertial hypercharger” balancer kit. Accessories installed on the bike include: - Military headlamp, brake light, sidecar marker lights, and turn signal “blackout” kit. ($200 value) - Metal leg shields ($75 value) - AK-47 mounts in sidecar ($125 value – AK-47 not included) - Ken Ulrich deep oil sump with extended pickup tube. ($100 value) - Ken Ulrich “inertial hypercharger” balancer ($40 value) - Heavy duty Barnett front brake cable. ($40 value) - Heavy-Duty turnbuckle front brake adjuster ($25 value) - Mongolian license plate on sidecar fender ($25 value) - Ammo Boxes on sidecar tub ($40 value) Among the recent restoration and repair work that I have done to the rig includes: - Top-End rebuild (new pistons, rings & cylinders honed), about 8,000 kms ago. I just checked the cylinder compression and it read 115 psi on both sides. - Replaced RPOC alternator with Denso Alternator with Krytox-ed bearings. - Replaced front gear tower about a year ago - Replaced clutch screws about a year ago. - Replaced final drive seals and installed new coarse-spline driveshaft and donut about a year or so ago. - Rebuilt starter and installed new battery about 6 months ago When I sell a bike, I want to make sure it is as good as can be so I went through it and did the following for preparation of sale: - Replaced branch tubes with new CEET aeroduct - New spark plugs and plug wires/caps - New fuel lines and filters - New jets and floats in K-68 carbs. - Adjusted valves and tuned it up. - Everything else was done at the 17,500 service just a few months ago (I have all the service logs) Documentation/Tools included: - Owners Manual w/ all service log information - Ural 650cc Shop Manuals ($100 value) - Ural 650 Service CD-ROM’s ($50 value) - Original Russian tool kit and tire pump. But wait, there’s more… You also get the entire 650cc parts stash that I have accumulated over the years Please don’t ask me to sell you the parts only, they go with the rig, unless the buyer wants to dicker on the price. The famed JohnBG 650 parts stash includes (most of this stuff is still in the greasy paper with the Russian labels on them): - 2 Pistons - 2 Sets Piston Rings - 2 Wrist Pins - 2 Sets of valves - Spare Pushrods - Spare cylinder head studs - Clutch plates - 6 shock seals (you can’t find them anymore) - 4 Type III D-Washers (good luck trying to find these anywhere) - Used fine spline drive shaft and donut - The old shallow sump - Spare grips, including a complete throttle grip with the chain pull - Spare rear brake light switch - Oil Filters - Spare Coil - Original Mikuni Carburetors (they need work) and carb manuals that came with the bike when I bought it - 4 spare old style Russian shocks that I had already started painting black - A crapload of all types of seals and gaskets. I don’t even know where some of them go, but I know they are for a 650. If you bought all of these parts from Holopaw Gene, I figure it would run you at least $500... I prolly got more stuff. I'll go poking through the garage cabinets some more. I've been a real packrat with Ural parts over the years. She's located in my garage in Deltona, FL. New Price - $4,500 or might consider trade for late model full size used pick up truck in good shape. If you want it for a better price, I’ll be happy to pull the spare parts stash and/or some of the accessories out of the package and sell it to you for less. At that price, I am no where near getting the money I have put in it. This bike will grant you many miles of smiles, quality time in the garage with a greasy wrench, and occasionally just like a Ural or woman, times of frustration. Have clean title in had for quick sale. Will deliver it on a trailer within 100 miles of Deltona, FL for free. If you got any questions, ask them. No, I won't sell the spare parts separately. More info. and pictures here: http://www.sovietsteeds.com/forums/viewtop...783&start=0 Site Admin - Soviet Steeds Forums An independent site for Ural & Dnepr Enthusiasts http://www.sovietsteeds.com/forums
  3. Ika, If your travels to the US have you passing through Florida, please let me know. I would like to meet you. I sure do miss Wally and our conversations via e-mail. :thumbsup!: Whatever happened to Olga? I hope you were able to rebuild her.
  4. To raise some money for Anja, a Russian two year old cancer patient, I am auctioning off my collection of Russian Iron patches and pins. 100% of the proceeds will go directly to Anja. More info. about Anja: http://sovietsteeds.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=1856 This collection includes a large three piece patch set, one small patch, two Russian Iron logo pins and one "Svetty Pistonova" pin. The patches are in great shape and have never been sewn on (they hung on the wall over my workbench). As far as I know, Charlie hasn't made any more of these patches (not sure as I haven't been here in a while) and the "Svetty" pin has been discontinued IIRC. Link to eBay auction: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=260207639504 Thanks folks... Pic of the collection:
  5. I don't know if even DaveO has 100,000 clicks on his setup yet, so I'm not sure by your standard the zerk has been "proven" yet. I'd be curious to see how the JB weld you're installing is gonna hold up in the alternator adapter for 100,000 clicks, since DaveO was using aluminum rods for fil the casting webs. The problem is not with the alternator, nor the adapter but the lubrication of the bearings, I think we can agree on that. Using the zerk fitting and regularly re-filling the bearings with a lower grade grease is one solution. The Krytox is another. It has been proven in bearing applications (aviation, aerospace, military, etc.) well in excess of anything a NipponDenso alternator with a Rooskie adapter can throw at it. There's nothing that special about this application that would cause a differing result on a Krytox treated bearing. Here's the specs on the Krytox: http://www2.dupont.com/Lubricants/en_US/as...s/H-58505-1.pdf http://www2.dupont.com/Lubricants/en_US/pr...its_krytox.html Here's an indepndent study comparing various lubricants - Krytox is on top: http://www.sandsmachine.com/grease_t.htm Just two different methods of doing the same thing, getting extra lubrication to the bearings, I suppose. The Krytox is an option for those who don't have the machinery, skills, time, nor inclination to modify the adapter for the zerk. Bill's been running the Krytox bearings in his rig for a while for a while now and I will do the same. We'll report back. Perhaps we can each pull the bearings on our rigs at some interval like 5-10,000km's and compare the bearings lubed with the zerk and the Krytox? That's how things are learned and progress is made!
  6. An alternate alternator lubrication modification is Bill Glaser's idea to replace the bearings loaded with DuPont "Krytox" super-grease. It doesn't require any filling and drilling of the alternator adapter hosuing. The grease is extreme high-temp and is oil, and solvent reisistant. I just did this on my 650 alternator during the front gear tower replacement. I will porbaly yank my 750 alternator and do the same modification. Link with write-up and pictures: http://sovietsteeds.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=1198
  7. Don't sweat it - keep riding... If out border patrol can't seem to find 15 million illegial Mexicans, how do ya think thy'll find two Aussies...
  8. C'mon, Kliff! Where's you're sense of humor?! Just a shameless plug with a goofy pic... BTW, I agree with the hope for more stuff. I'd love a gang-banger hoodie in a dark color, mebbe even a zip up one if they have those. More colors please! Chris I wuz trying to answer Kliff's question. Again since he musta missed it the first time, the CafePress hoodies are only availble in white or gray all without zippers. No green hats either.
  9. Glad ya pulled thu it OK. If ya think the military healthcare is bad, wait until ya see what Hillary's got lined up for ya. Seriously, I don't want government healthcare. I've dealt with the IRS, the DMV and the post office. Those kinda folks need to stay the hell away from medicine!
  10. Only gang-bangers and football coaches wear hoodies... Hoodies are availble at CafePress (only in two colors though - gray and white) They don't have T-shirts with pockets on them. No green hats either. I even called CafePress to try and get them, no dice. Even the dog likes the hoodlum' hoodie (see nose in bottom of pic).
  11. Just a piece of PVC and some ready rod and a few bolts and washers. About $3.00 worth of parts from your local Ace Hardware should do it. Here's some pics of the one I made.
  12. I'm jetted at 40 and 140....I think. It's been a while as I rejetted some time ago after putting on the new complience fittings I have 130 mains and 45 pilot jets in mine. I was thinking of trying a set of 135 main jets and see if that makes any difference.
  13. Welcome to the "Holey Pistons Club"... (been there, done that) It's usually caused by running too lean for too long or an air leak between the carb and the head. Timing way out of whack can cause it too. Although it usually doesn't sieze the engine. Pull the jug, usually if there's a hole in the top of the piston it doesn't score the cylinder walls. The cylinder might just need a light honing and a new piston & rings and not need to be overbored. I'd point ya to my "Holey Pistons" rebuild series of posts here, but they didn't survive "The Great RIMC Purge of 2007".... :thumbsup!: Best of luck, with a name like motomensch, I'm sure you'll have her back up and running in no time.
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