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  1. If you want accuracy then it's easy enough to rig up a bicycle speedo. Some of them even go up to 200mph!
  2. 0w40 motor oil makes good light machine oil! Great for lubing bowden cable.
  3. If you want to keep the points Boyer also make a box that continues to use the points (although you HAVE TO disconnect the capacitor). I've used them and they work very well. You get the "advantage" of an easy swap back to points should there be a problem.
  4. I'm coming round to the idea that the Sovek ignition may not like the coils I use. Possibly too low resistance. I've been using coils in the 3 - 3.5ohm range and opening the plugs up to 1mm.
  5. I'm not a great fan of Sovek ignitions these days but that doesn't sound like the usual problem with them. Did you use a new coil or keep the points one? It's usually termed the "dog " coil for obvious reasons and is about as good at sparks as one. Used to fit Harley 5 ohm coils then went to 3.5ohm or Honda coils. Lately after some ignition failure I've taken a closer look at coil primary resistance. These days I use Boyer Brandsen ignitions meant for Norton Comandos. The maths tell me to use a 4ohm coil with the regulator I'm using. Kawaski coil fit the bill. I'm going to look harder at coils for Sovek ignitions as the ones supplied vary wildly in resistance, some being very low. Personally, If I had your bike I'd look at new rings or Chinese pistons. There are excellent rings available from Poland. Avoid the Ukranian ones. Russian one are so-so.
  6. The magnetic cup inside the speedo and the spring it drags against have production tolerances.
  7. Nah, lapping the petcock is the traditional way of fixing it.
  8. Can I recommend modern carburetors? Makes a huge difference to both power and economy. You need all the help you can get with 2-wheel drive. Hope you don't use 75w140 gearbox oil.
  9. My mate just had one die. It would cough and fart and eventually die. Wait 5 minutes and it would start, run fine for a while and then repeat the whole process. The power transistor seems to be failing open circuit. It took the coil with it. He's just ordered a Boyer system and we are going to go with that. I have a box with 4 dead Russian systems. No box for dead boyer so far.
  10. You should deburr the ends of the brass stackpipe. Often they are crimped over by the cutting tool. I also chase through the body with a drill when the tap is in the open and reserve position as the tap often isn't aligned.
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