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  1. Right, they are Dellorto PHBH30BS Main Jet is 105 on an m6 screw, Idle jet is 38 on an m5 screw. I'm guessing I have to reduce main jet to something in the 90s?
  2. Rod is your feeling they can be made to function? Or am I trying to get too much from a wartime engine design?
  3. The main jet was 105, I need to them apart for the others. Neat carb with drain plug and main jet in one fitting.
  4. I despaired last night and went back to the set of K-38s (which I think are indistinguishable from PZ-28. I checked the main jet which is marked '92'. I've roughly set then up and it revs freely! I'm starting to think I'm an idiot! I have a feeling I've been throwing too much fuel into the cylinders making them over rich, unable to run at speed, sooting everything up. I'm going to check the jet size on the Jikov and Dellorto carbs which I think was overpowering the 22hp Dnepr. So I've gone full circle! Where did you get the slightly larger jets from? Or did you drill them?
  5. Can I ask what carbs people run on KMZ (Dnepr) K750s. Mine is a solo. I've been trying and failing to make a set of Jikov carbs to run smoothly by they seem to flood the cylinders as the throttle opens beyond about ½ way. Similar issue with a set of Dellorto PHBH carbs. I assume they are overjetted? Does anyone have knowledge of what size jets are appropriate. The bike starts well, idles well and then is either uncontrollable or dies? I went the Jikov/Dellorto route as I hate ticklers. Any suggestions. Regards Andy Genovese
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