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  1. Thanks! It's nice keeping old technology working. And RussN/Dad, I'm definitely bringing Gort down to visit some time this summer now that I've got new steering head bearings and a working speedometer! Forest road 23, here I come...
  2. Success! Thank you all for your advice. I was able to pick up some 3-in-1 light oil from the hardware store yesterday once the snow was gone, and got the thing lubricated, put back together, and on the bike today. I took it for a test ride and the buzzing is gone. Also the needle is way more precise now. Accuracy may be another matter, but that needle certainly is sure of where it's pointing now! I don't think I remember it ever behaving this well. I think I'm ready for riding season!
  3. Oh yeah, I saw that I-84 is closed today. I thought "Well, they're not getting in to Portland any time soon!" 😉 And there's enough snow here (probably a good 6-7 inches!) that I don't want to try even getting the Ural out to a parking lot to do donuts. So the speedometer is sitting safely disassembled on the counter, and I'll grab some light oil once things thaw out in a couple days. Overall the disassembly process was pretty painless, and I was even able to superglue the speedometer needle back on...! I hope it stays this time.
  4. I'll see if I can get out to the hardware store in the morning to pick up some light machine oil. The car we have isn't great for snow, but hopefully it won't be too bad. Definitely anxious to get the Ural properly lubed and put back together!
  5. Thanks both of you. 🙂 I've pulled the speedometer apart and have given the spinning bits a good few sprays of WD-40. Hopefully I won't have to replace the bearing, but Jess certainly could make one if we needed! I realized the speedometer needle that had fallen off was still rattling around in there... I'm going to feel really dumb if that was getting stuck somewhere, causing the buzzing. I've superglued the broken needle back on and I'll let it sit for a while before I accidentally break it back off again put it back together. Hopefully I'll have this put back together in time to go do donuts in the snow in a parking lot tomorrow!
  6. Hi all, I'm experiencing an issue where my speedometer will suddenly start buzzing loudly, and the indicator needle oscillates wildly when I get above about 30 mph. I can feel the buzzing through the handlebars and on the speedo itself if I touch it with my hand. As I slow down the buzzing slows, until I get to almost a stop again. Then it'll start up again if I get above about 30 mph again. Previously I was only experiencing this in cold weather; it seemed fine during the warmer months. I recently installed a new speedometer cable, but that hasn't helped (and it's still cold here, we're actually getting snow in Seattle!). Ideas? I have over 100,000km on this bike, so I'm guessing the speedometer is long overdue for some love. My current plan is to disassemble the speedometer and lubricate it to see if that helps, using myural.com as a guide (http://myural.com/speedometer_disassembly__repair.htm). I'm hoping it's not the case that the socket is stripped/rounded out, so the square cable is spinning freely in there. Has anyone else experienced a similar issue? Anything specific I should do while I've got it apart? Things to watch out for? Thanks in advance! NoJoe
  7. Ahh, good memories. :) And I'm excited to make some new ones!
  8. Hi all, I've been riding Urals since 1998, when that guy ^ (Hi Dad!) bought "Gort", our '98 BC-65 from Costco back in ... 1998. I've since taken ownership of the bike, and have been riding it ever since. Just yesterday I rolled over 100,000 km on the odometer while caravaning with another local Ural rider here in Seattle! I honestly wasn't sure what the odometer would do, but it dutifully rolled over to all zeros and started counting back up again. So I'm now at "00018". I've attached a photo of the odometer at all 9s (don't mind the broken speedometer needle..... It's always only been approximate anyway) As one of my friends said: "Great, now you can sell it as a brand new Ural!" Naw, I don't think I'm ever selling this bike. I suppose I'll just have to get it to roll over again to 0 in another 20 years! Joseph "NoJoe" Noe
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