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    Dnepr MT-11 2006 Honda (VLX) VT600CD with Vetter Windjammer fairing, bags, and trunk.
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    Found a Dnepr MT-11 in a barn with 194 Km with factory assembly problems. Took it all apart and put it back together correctly with new parts as needed.

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  1. Same here! My Dnepr MT-11 is the most fun motorcycle I've ever owned despite the fact I had to take it completely apart, modify or fix, and adjust just about everything, then reassemble it. The last part I had to file, then chisel apart, and tack weld correctly timed was the sidecar drum brake actuation arm. Whoever punched out the square hole the cam fits in and gets welded up got it so far off I was unable to adjust the new sidecar brake cable so the sidecar brake would actually work with the rear brake before it hit the brake backing plate where the brake cable adjuster screws in. I thought
  2. What would be the cost of the 700 watt alternator and shipping to Alabama, USA in US Dollars and how would I send payment if I ordered?
  3. Thank you for this link! I've been looking to replace the Russian headlight with it's rather poor 45/40 R2 or p45t type bulb with a headlight that takes the far more common halogen H4 bulbs. Every headlight I found on amazon did not have the 4 watt bulb that lights up with the middle position on the off/park/on headlight switch or the position marker lights that come on when the key switch is in the third position and allows the key to be removed. I know some places require parking or position marking lights be on when parking in some places like street side parking which is why the original h
  4. The best thing I did to my Dnepr was fitting the Microprocessor type electronic ignition system. Before I did that I installed new points, condensor, and made sure the gap was correct and maximum advance point setting was exactly correct. Double checking the timing with a timing light showed it firing the spark plugs all over the place until the engine speed was high enough for the timing advance weights to be pined to the stops. Now the timing is perfect across the RPM range and I never have the kick start lever kick me instead.
  5. That's great! I added a volt meter to my Dnepr to keep an eye on charging. It's right next to an oil pressure gauge. I think Dnepr should have made those standard. As for salt, you just need to wash it with soap and water. I'm lucky they don't salt the roads here in Alabama. On the rare occasions it snows overnight they just call it a holiday (snow day) and everyone stays home to enjoy the snow because it will be gone that evening. Here in Alabama some bikers park their bikes in mid July to the end of August because of the hot temperatures, especially motorcycles with air cooled engines.
  6. The only issues I had with my Pekar K65's were the needle valves. I solved that with Walbro small engine needle valves and a tool I made to "stamp" a 35 degree seat for them to drop into. Now they never stick or leak like the tiny washers on the end of the stock needles did they came with or disintegrated due to the ethanol contamination in our gasoline mandated by politicians that sold out to the farm lobby. Harley Davidson motorcycles don't command the prices for used bikes like they did in the past. That Chopper fad came and went as well. It was more of a flash in the pan than a fad. F
  7. Pekar is the way to go if you want to keep it all Russian. CV carbs are the best but cost is high for them. You also must replace the rubber parts in them every so often depending on the fuel available. If you have government mandated ethanol contaminated gasoline like we have here in the USA due to Farm Lobby money and corrupt politicians you'll be rebuilding them every 2 or 3 years. The PZ30 carburetors don't have any rubber in them and will go forever as long as you don't let the fuel rot in them.
  8. Did you have the Chinese copy K68's or real Pekar Russian Made K68's? There is a huge difference between them. The Chinese K68's are total crap. Also the Pekar K68 rebuild kits do not fit the Chinese K68's at all. The Chinese don't make rebuild kits for their copy's. They expect you to buy new K68 Carburetors if you are foolish enough to do that. That said the Russians and Ukrainians love those PZ30 Chinese made Carburetors but hate the Chinese made K65 and K68 Carburetors.
  9. First pull the generator off the engine, make a cover to cover the hole left by removing the generator, and crank the engine too see of that was the problem. If it's still doing the same thing you'll need to dig deeper. Pull the cylinders off and check the pistons and rings. If the pistons are scuffed or the ring gaps are too small those will cause your problem. If the pistons and rings are OK pull the pistons off the rods and check the rods for binding or play indicating bad rod needle bearings on the crankshaft. The K750 engine uses pressed together crankshaft components like the crankshaft
  10. I think that press is sold under many brand names all over the world. The one I ordered looks just like the Harbor Freight press. I think I will drop by Harbor Freight next Friday and see if the home office has done anything about that manager.
  11. I don't know if it will do any good but I found a customer support phone number for Harbor Freight. I called it and explained the problem I was having buying a shop press from store #582. She told me that the store manager was in error and should have sent the shop press with the missing box back to the warehouse as soon as it was discovered it was missing parts and put a complete shop press on the next truck to the store. She put me on hold and actually called the store like a customer would asking for the shop press I wanted. When she took me off hold She told me she got the same shady story
  12. I need a small shop press and my local Harbor Freight store lists a 12 ton that uses a bottle jack for power. Perfect for modifying for a job specific bit of kit a small industrial shop asked me to build for them. I check the web site and it has a green check mark beside the in stock block on the product info page. It's an in-store item only so you can't order one on-line. I head out to go buy one and discover they can't sell it to me because not all 3 boxes it comes in was there. That was two weeks ago. The manager told me to come back Wednesday because the missing box will be on the truck an
  13. The box he opened up with the PZ30 carburetors, throttle cables, gaskets, and manifolds had Aliexpress tape sealing the box and the box had Aliexpress printing on it. I still can't find it on Aliexpress myself. Perhaps it is only available from the Russian language Aliexpress site? The Russians and Ukrainians really like those PZ30 carbs on their Ural and Dnepr Motorcycles. I use google translate to translate the comments from Russian to English. I asked in the comments section for a link but still no responses. Some commented about how cheap they are but still perform very well on Ural and Dn
  14. I used 3.5 X 19 (100/90-19) Shinko Classic 240 tires on my M-11. They have an almost flat tread which is why I purchased them. I found the original 3.75-19 USSR made tires were hard to fit between the brake shoes and swing arm coming off and going on and thought Duro HF308 4.0-19 would be wider which would require removing the brake shoes, slipping the wheel in past the final drive, putting the brake shoes back on, and then putting the wheel on the final drive. The 3.5-19 tires go on easy without any drama. It wasn’t until later I found out those old USSR 3.75-19 tires are actually the same wi
  15. The High School made it very hard on us because they got half the funding they would normally get. The Trade School got the other half. We were bullied by members of the sports teams relentlessly with the approval of the High School management. We were even informed that the harassment wound stop if we quit going to Trade School. I toughed it out and graduated from both. I never attended my High School graduation ceremony and never paid the High School for the stuff that went along with that. None of us Trade School Students did that. We simply stopped by the office and picked up our certifica
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