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  1. most likely the pieces were badly assembled, after having overhauled everything I reassembled as it was before, but it seems that the washer must be mounted between the bearing cover and the wheel and not between the nut and the bearing cover, in this way tightening the nut the bearing cover cannot block the wheel because it does not come into contact
  2. yes in the wheels I have the spacer tube, but for example, the sidecar wheel when I tighten the nut it presses on the washer that presses on the bearing cover that presses on the wheel, the more I tighten the nut the more the wheel inevitably locks, with a correct torque this it doesn't happen
  3. Thanks for torque of the heads, for the wheels, which spacer tube? I have no spacer tube on mine, frontally I have the fork earls(spare parts catalog k750 code number 5308 front fork assembled) when I tighten the axle nut it compresses on the wheel support, continuing to tighten the wheel locks, no spacer tube, same problem on the other wheels , if you continue to tighten the wheel stops.
  4. there are no talking torque specifications in my k750 manual,what I need now are the torque head bolt and axle rear wheel nut, axle front wheel nut and axle sidecar wheel nut. Thanks
  5. hi everyone, does anyone have a table with the main dynamometric tightenings? Thanks
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