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    1972 DPENR 650 MT9
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    running project with plenty to do for my friend and I...first job was to get an age related number plate from DVLA...wiring requires attention and would like to fit LED and keep it 6V and points rather than electronic ignition

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  1. Heartwarming story...I live at the bottom of a large geological valley, in the middle of the UK, so not as scenic as yours buddy. And am about to get my MT9 on the road for the first time....I'll post some pics when I do but they won't be as pretty as your....Well done Russ.
  2. The DNEPR is amazingly original, if a little battered, showing 33k on the clock and i'm inclined to believe that the mileage is accurate. It runs ok but does anyone know how reliable the MT9's are?
  3. Hey racepres thank you for the photo advice....Sending a photo of the original log book, I wonder if it matches yours, and a photo of the retro style UK number plate for Vance....Also the Russian rust that I inherited.
  4. Help...I didn't think that I was quite as stupid as it appears I am, but I can't seem to attach any photo's to my posts. Even a single photo is too big for the site. It has occurred to me that photo files can be compressed, but hell I can't make it work..
  5. To bring a bike into the UK there is VAT to pay, a tax and proof of purchase, at customs. Once here, the DVLA, a government agency, needs a copy of that proof, the log book, the receipt from the importer you bought it from, a copy of your drivers licence and £55.
  6. Hi the log book is a small, beige, 4 page record of the bike its owner and roadworthy tests over the years, in Ukrainian. I used an app on my I-phone to translate the text. I'm sure that you can download the app to any android phone.
  7. Having trouble uploading the photos due to technical difficulties. I'm an idiot, but will try again later Vance.
  8. Hey Vance Running a motorcycle seems a little more relaxed there Attached a couple of photo's showing the retro number plate I was telling you about. There a good quality, pressed aluminium, raised up letter plate and style. Also got the original logbook from the Ukraine. And I inherited a fair amount of eastern block rust. Thanks to you Bri for the headlight info.
  9. Retro's do look good Vance and you're correct the DNEPR headlamp is 7in....The old style Austin Mini motorcars used 7in, there is plenty on EBAY...Just out of interest, ours is a 1972 650 MT9 and there are a couple of good things about restoring such an old bike in the UK....All vehicles pay road tax,approx, £100 a year and have an MOT road worthy test £30, and fix any problems they find, per year. Pre 1980's don't need either...Pre 1980's bikes can use the old style black and white number plates and have the sidecar on the right hand side as per original too...Bored yet.
  10. Food for thought Vance thank you....Am I correct that the DNEPR headlight is 7in? Across the pond I can get a 7in H4 replacement for £13 or $15-$20....I would like to go LED with the headlight and stop/ tail what do you run?
  11. Good advice Vance ...I think that I may well be able to adapt a H4 LED to fit my lens....Thank you
  12. Hi new to the forum....together with my friend, we aim to return a 70's piece of Russian Iron back to the road, where it belongs and love the simplicity of the sidecar outfit. Keeping it 6V and ignition pointed, I am sorting the electrics whilst Tony the body work. Today we got our new, age related, reg number. And I am refurbishing the indicators using new bulb holders, LEDs and an electronic flasher unit, into the original DENPR cases and lenses. Wiring the indicators on a separate loom of it own, via its own fuse, which incorporates a loop of earths as opposed to using the cases as earths. Enough waffle....As replacement headlight bulbs are expensive and fairly ineffectual I wondered if there is a different glass and LED bulb unit that would fit into our original headlamp housing. Thank You.
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