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  1. I am located in Italy so I can't access to NAPA Auto parts. I am going to try BP6HS to BP8HS according the temperature. Are you willing to share the link from NAPA or picture of the part you mentioned before? - 5K ohm resistor caps from NGK --> do you mean the silicon one? - copper core wire - stock points - condenser for a Bosch 009 distributor - Harley coil --> does Harley coil fit inside the metal cover? Thank you
  2. Oil M-8B should be a SAE 20, so 20w-50 looks like reasonalble. I believe for a old style Dnepr engine a mineral oil is better. I understood syntetic with high temperture have tendency to cause more leakeage. Is it true? For gearbox: oil ТАП-15В (SAE 90 API GL-3) is equivalent to: - Gear Oil (BP) - Mobilube GX90 (Mobil) - Spirax 90 EP (Shell) - Gear oil GP 90 (Esso) Is there any issue if I use a GL4 or GL5 when GL3 is recommended?
  3. Hi, I open this old topic because I have following doubt. For Dnepr MT11/16 the spark plug is A17B for operation on petrol with octane number 80-98. The A17B can be replaced by NGK BP6HS (which I see is widely used) https://www.sparkplu... ... t/APS/A17B. Infact from NGK catalog for MT11/16 there is BP6HS but for Cossack Dnepr 650, the spark plug is BR6HS. I think the 650cc of Cossack Dnepr is same as Dnepr. So why this difference? I am looking for a R type to use with koso digital tachometer to avoid interference, so is the BR6HS suitable for MT11/16? Any experience with this spark plug? What about a BPR6HS? In NGK catalog is given only for 50/100 cc scooter but I found other sidecar's owners are using with latest Ural Thanks
  4. Hi! can you help me to find the equivalent oil and lubricants to be used for a Dnepr 650cc with engine MT10-36 and gearbox MT804? I attached pictures taken from MT16 manual. Premise I will use the bike in a temperature range from 10 °C winter till 40 °C summer, I made list below reading on-line. What is your opinion? - Front fork oil: SAE 10 - Motor oil: SAE50 or 20W50 from Harley Davidson - Gearbox oil: EP 80W90 GL4 - Rear drive and reductor at sidecar wheel: Castrol Syntrax Limited Slip 75W-140 Fully Synthetic Car Gearbox Oil Thanks
  5. Hi, I am looking for some article, reading or whatever about towing hitch for Dnepr 1wd or 2wd. Preferable in Russian language. Some on-line shop sell the towing hitch and few picture are available on-line but nothing specific, even a sentence will help me. There is a nice summary here: http://www.russianir...XV Trailers.pdf but it's not enough to persuade historic vehicle register to recognize the existence of the tow hitch. Thank you
  6. Hi, I have a doubt about teeth of 1st gear. The latest Dnepr gearbox has a slightly lower first gear to give more torque compared to older gearbox. MT11/MT16 should have 1st gear ratios of 4,11 instead previous models had 1st gear ratios of 3,60. To have a ratios of 4,11, how many teeth should I have? 36 or 37? Thank you
  7. RAL 6003 is close to soviet green color. do you have code to share? RGB, Pantone, RAL or whatever Thanks
  8. Hi! can someone tell me what is the color code (better RAL codification) of the paint used for the Russian sidecar (Dnepr MB650) Doing some research I saw follwing paint used in the old age: - RAL 6003 Olive green (Wehrmacht) - RAL 6031 Matt bronze green (NATO green) - RAL 6025 Fern green (got from RGB code) I don't know which of the color above is more close to the Soviet green color or if exist another color you can suggest. Thank you
  9. Hi, I am just wondering if the improved inertia supercharge kit is stil available. Thank you
  10. Dear all, I want to ask some impression and opinion about the 2WD Dnepr. How is the percentage of failure in mixed-use on-road and off-road? Nowadays, with current speeds and with current road surfaces, is it still reliable product? Discussing with some people, was told me that the rear drive is suffering transverse and vertical load coming from the side wheel. Traverse load are mainly coming when turning on right and the side-wheel push the rear drive through the shaft. Vertical load are when there is a big gap between rear wheel and side wheel, for example, one wheel go inside a deep pothole at “certain speed”. All those load are more severe driving on asphalt (more grip) and if the bike speed over 50-60 km/h. In off-road since the speed are quite low and the ground is softer, the risk is lower. My mechanic suggest a small modification on the two joint of the shaft to absorb lateral load, adding some coil spring, but for vertical load there is nothing to improve. In general, he suggested driving very gentle, especially when turn right on artificial bumps and keep speed below 50 km/h, but then I need double time to reach my destination. All those issues are not in 1WD, can drive a bit faster and do not care too much of the road surface. But for sure 1WD is less performance in off-road. What is your opinion? Have you ever experienced failure of the rear drive in such condition? Many thanks
  11. Dear all, first bunch of question: what is the start and end of production of the MB650? Were there MB650 with differential lock? yes or no? I attached table from Mr. Ernie Franke and seems yes, altough other guys said MB650 was only without lock. if there were lock, where should be the locking differential instruction plate? where should be the plates in attached file? Thank you
  12. Dear all, my name is Vinz, I have stated a project for rebuilding a Dnepr MB650. I will post question and picture. Hope in your help Thank you!
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