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  1. I love the vid and the thread! You've put some serious elbow grease in that build. And quite some money, too, I guess 😉 Stuff keeps needing money all the time, even if you do as much as possible yourself... Do you do it as a hobby or as profession? I've just rebuilt an 650 engine and a dnepr gearbox (not done by now), but my stuff isn't looking as nice as yours 😉
  2. servus, if the engine / gearbox stood for a long time, the coupling plates can be rusted together. Sounds worse than it is, afaik mostly they are still usable, but it might need some force to unlock them. Or better - remove the gearbox and have a look. The gearbox is fixed with 4(?) bolts and can be removed while the engine stays in the frame. I'd remove the clutch lever and pull the rod and bearing off out of the hole, and then remove the bolts and finally the gearbox. The pushrod can be hard to remove because its hard to get a grip, so you can remove the gearbox bolts and fiddle with the pushrod to get it out. It's actually a pretty simple system, you'll understand by looking at it. And imo sooner or later you will have to remove it anyways, so why not now? It's fun 😉 Imo it's not like the modern stuff where a hundreth inch can make everything fail and fall apart (:-)), and there are really good manuals with explosion drawings available. Well, inside the engine and gearbox it's becoming a bit more difficult, but everything else is manageable, I'd say. Anyhow, my insights come only from my own experience with my own rig which I rebuilt, so there are many guys out there who know much more than me. Listen to them if they say I'm writing sh$t 😉
  3. damn I'm really envious for that. We only had courses that I hated...greek, latin, religious education, or s/t like that. I learned to use a mill and lathe later during my "Lehre" (that's what you need here in germany to work in a job, a 3 years time of learning in a company, with a test at the end, with minimal wage for that time ;-)) After that I never managed to purchase a mill or even a lathe...I'd love to have, but it's just too expensive here..
  4. hi, maybe I'm a bit late, but you could look in germany in the usual places (ebay, kleinanzeigen...), there are always some frames with papers for sale. Not always cheap, though. I guess it won't matter if it's dnepr or ural, most people (even the techs at TÜV here) can't differentiate the engines etc.
  5. aand..any updates? Thanks btw. for the thread, very nice to see / read. Building a MT11 atm...unbelievable, but any and every part that i take in my hands is either rusted to death or damaged.
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