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    Missouri, USA
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    Adventure Riding, hiking & camping, travelling and meeting "real" local people...not into tourist based events but good local rides and events with good people.

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    2018 Ural Gearup
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    Military for the past 23 years Active and National Guard. Enjoy the ride, all weather not just the sunny and 80' days. Meeting with like minds and interests. Looking for a riding club for the Ural motorcycle. Not afraid to travel.

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  2. i am in the US but i am looking for Ural rally's' throughout the various countries. my interest lays in a long ride meeting, camping and a beer or two with local Ural riders and enthusiasts. the hurdle for me is getting my bike there. if anyone has this figured out for the least expense possible, please fwd some info. I eventually want to ride to the Ural home factory and take a tour to learn more of the history (in person) rather than the internet. Please advise... Scotty2112
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